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Sony Screen Protector for Alpha a6000

Many of our electronic gadgets need screen protectors. Cameras, too, are just some of them. I’ve been using my Sony Alpha a6000 for many months without any protection on the LCD screen, but I’ve since decided that I shouldn’t take any more chances. Screen protectors, after all, are a cheap insurance against a damaged screen.

Sony PCK-LM17

My hesitation over the screen protector comes from experience with really poor quality ones. I had bought one for my RX100 some time ago, and it was so lousy that it not only actually looked bad, physically, but it also affected the quality of images displayed on the screen.

Yes, that’s why you have tempered glass screen protectors, made of real glass for better light transmission quality, instead of some sort of transparent plastic sheet. However, I didn’t see any glass protectors for cameras, at least not for the Sony Alpha a6000.

I ultimately decided to get the official Sony screen protector, the PCK-LM17, designed specifically to fit the ILCE-6000, aka Alpha a6000.

Sony PCK-LM17

This is a semi-hard screen protector. It has a noticeable thickness to it too. Fitting the screen protector on the a6000’s screen is reasonably easy. I didn’t quite get the alignment perfectly right the first two tries. It’s alright to remove and reattach the screen protector, and I got it perfectly aligned and centred on my third attempt. There are no air bubbles to worry about.

The screen protector has a black border around it (see photo above). The Sony logo is still printed on the bottom border, at exactly the spot where the logo appears on the actual LCD screen, just in case this matters to you. You don’t see the logo in the photo above because we’re looking at the reverse side of the screen protector.

In terms of quality, and in particular the transparency of the plastic, this screen protector is pretty good. I’ve no complaints about viewing images on the LCD screen through this screen protector. This isn’t a cheap screen protector, and particularly since it is an original Sony product, you’d expect quality to be first-rate.

4 thoughts on “Sony Screen Protector for Alpha a6000

  1. May I ask you how you removed it?

    I aligned my poorly on my first attempt but a corner was still lifted so I peel it off, it touched the screen once and it made like a huge “cut” on it(I mean not a real cut but you can see a long line on it).

    I tried carefully passing my fingernail on it to feel if it was deep or just a surface glue-ish residue but I couldn’t clear it. I put the screen back on and had no dust in it, this long line is not noticeable unless you REALLY look for it in the sun and turning your screen to a precise angle but there’s still a small something on the right side and I’d like to peel it off to see if it’s cleanable.

    My camera is brand new(two days) and I’d be pissed to learn I ruined the screen the very first time I got this out, the thing is I install protectors daily and I never saw such huge signs just for a screen protector touching the screen for a second on it’s adhesive side.

    1. I sorry to hear about that line. I simply lifted one corner and slowly pulled the whole piece away. Not different from how you’d do with screen protectors for phones.

      I didn’t think there was much adhesive on this protector to begin with, so I’m surprised to hear your experience. I’d suggest to try using some sticky tape to lift any residue off the surface (of course, one that won’t leave its own residue behind), then finish off with some screen cleaner.

      1. Thanks for the tip, I kinda solved it anyway. There’s still a super slight and almost unseeable microscopic line beneath the protector BUT I found out the huge “glow-ish” stain I saw on it was actually above it.

        I tried cleaning with a microfiber rag and it cleaned it, it seems it was just a bit harder to clean but luckily it was on top. I’m super happy now, can’t wait to test the camera this weekend! 🙂

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