National University of Shopping

Blogging at Starbucks on Retina MacBook Pro

What do students at NUS do? Shop of course. Why, it’s the National University of Shopping Singapore. Is this a shopping centre in disguise? Week after week, it is one bazaar after another. At multiple locations, no less. And some stalls even have “branches” at different locations. At the start of this acad year, I thought there was a lack…

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How I Crashed My Website

Well, my fingers were itchy, and I wanted to test something out. Something that carried a small but inherent risk of mucking up. I was careful, no less, to make sure there would be no mistakes, no typos. In fact, I wrote a “rollback” script to undo the changes after a timed delay, just as a precaution. So, even if…

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Why OpenSolaris


Ian Murdock came by in the past week to talk about his open source journey from Linux at Purdue University, founding the Debian project, and now working as the Chief OS Platform Strategist for Sun Microsystems. I suppose he couldn’t help sounding out some of the advantages of Solaris. Things like DTrace, Containers and ZFS are neat. There was a…

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Apple iPhone Selling in Singapore

Photo 26

Sighted the Apple iPhone on sale here in Singapore. Didn’t know it was available? Hmmm I thought the phone was slick, until I saw how clunky it was. Think I’d pass for an N-Series gadget. — Posted from my N73 Lifeblog.

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Water-Cooling the Modern Data Centre


We have a data centre that recently became the first in South East Asia (or perhaps in Asia too) to operate a certain type of liquid cooled rack. Liquid cooling technology is actually not new; It was quite common maybe 2 decades ago. The large mainframe computers of that era produced so much heat that they needed to be cooled…

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Oktoberfest at Guild House

Roast pork from the Guild House. One of the choice from their Oktoberfest set dinners. I had thought it would be like pork knuckles but well it wasn’t. Quite good anyhow. — Posted from my N73 Lifeblog.

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Walking into a High-Speed Wireless Oven

I recently came across a new high-speed wireless development that promises over 10Gbps of bandwidth, or some 100-times the speed of current Wi-Fi networks. While existing Wi-Fi operates at 2.4GHz frequency, this new technology uses 60GHz millimetre wave radio technology. What’s interesting about 60GHz is its oxygen absoption properties: 60GHz electromagnetic energy is absorbed by oxygen molecules much like a…

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Wireless@SG Doomed to Fail

Cisco Wireless Access Point

So I was at BPP this morning having breakfast, and I thought I’d login to Wireless@SG hoping to get some work done. The Wi-Fi signal was weak, and after finding my SSH connection getting stuck repeatedly, I eventually gave up. It made me think, again, how Wireless@SG is doomed to fail. In case you didn’t know, Municipal Wi-Fi (i.e. city-wide…

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Vanessa’s Screaming Practice

Vanessa’s testing her vocal chords again, screaming and screaming as we went out to BPP this morning, and later when we tried to have a mini photo shoot in the afternoon. They’re screams of delight and excitement. Funny, the screams actually sounded like those dinos in Jurassic Park. Hmm, we’re having a mini Jurassic Park with us. Anyway, here’s a…

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