Content Management with Drupal

LZS Back on Retina MacBook Pro

I promised many moons ago to write something about Drupal. I’ve been doing a lot of things with Drupal lately, and perhaps now is as good a time as any others to start sharing some experiences working with Drupal. For those who have not heard about Drupal, it’s a content management system that is supported by a larger number of…

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Mother’s Day Lunch at Bukit Room

I’ve been so busy lately, the backlog of blog postings are piling up. Mother’s Day lunch was almost three weeks ago, but it’s only now that I’m getting around to post it. The lunch was at the Bukit Room of the Singapore Island Country Club (Bukit location, where else). The problem is that my memory isn’t very good, so I…

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Valentino Chocolate Cake

This is the Valentino chocolate cake we bought recently from their stall at Takashimaya basement 2. They had a number of interesting looking cakes which, although simple looking, were also quite elegant looking at the same time. It was quite delicious, and surprisingly quite long lasting too. We only actually got around to eating it like many days after buying…

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Casualty Collection Point in NUS


I chanced upon this discovery of a casualty collection point in NUS recently. This is so reminiscent of National Service days. Why does NUS need a casualty collection point? I hear there are quite a few of there locations around campus.Sounds like over zealous crisis management at work. — Posted from my N95 Lifeblog.

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SecurityVision 2009 Lacks Security Vision

In the past week, I attended an IDC conference SecurityVision 2009. Something quite strange was said during the opening address which kind of surprised me. The speaker was admitting to having a virus on her computer which she could not get rid off. Her “IT people” were unsuccessful either. But it was okay, because (so she explains) the computer did…

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Short Changed at Cafe On The Ridge

My colleagues and I are regular fans of the Nasi Goreng Kampung served at the Cafe On The Ridge (NUSS Guild House at Kent Ridge Campus). We are so familiar with the dish that if something has changed about it, we would probably notice. At our last visit, we did notice a change. Check out the photo on the left,…

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Upcoming Nokia N97

Nokia N97

I’ve been a Nokia Nseries smartphone user for some years, starting with the N73 and now currently the N95 8GB. I’m still quite pleased with my N95 8GB, and you could say I’ve become quite a fan of the Nseries smartphones. So the latest Nokia Nseries N97 is piquing my interest. It’s due to hit the stores in Singapore in…

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10 Gigabit Ethernet Line Cards

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) standard was ratified in 2002, but we finally only got around to installing our first 10GE interface last year. This year, we have another big bunch of 10GE links interconnecting a big bunch of our switches. 10GE still costs a bomb. The Cisco 16-port 10GE line card lists for something like S$80K. Yes, that’s a…

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