Computer Science Noobs


Sometimes I feel very worried about the computing students we’re getting in my school. Yet at the same time I’m amazed at how we could achieve the top spot in Asia and 12th position worldwide in the Computer Science and Information Systems Rankings 2011 (2011 QS World University Rankings). Some of the users, both students and even some staff, that…

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COM Tech Days and Recruiting Network Associates


We have for some time wanted to conduct an event styled like Sun Tech Days or Microsoft Tech Days. The sort of conference or workshop that would cover a variety of techie topics. No sales, no marketing, just technology. Of course, considering our resources and our target audience, ours would be just a baby version of what the big companies…

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From CyanogenMod to Samsung Stock ROM

SAM_0257 6.29.45 AM

When I was looking to upgrade from my Nexus One, one of my mandatory requirement for the new phone was that it will run CyanogenMod 7 (CM7), or if it hadn’t yet been ported, that at least it has a reasonably good chance of (CM7) running on it. I had enjoyed CM7 (and CyanogenMod 7 prior to that) so much…

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Transport Madness at NUS


I’ve heard many complaints about how the internal shuttle bus service in NUS has become absolute madness since the start of the current academic year. This year saw the opening of University Town, with many classes (apparently unnecessarily) moved across to the new facilities, and transportation facilities that seem to be inadequately planned. I haven’t been to University Town, so…

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Mac OS X Lion Pains


Actually, there aren’t many pains. It wasn’t too difficult to learn “natural scrolling”. It gets a little confusing when you’ve got to go back to a Windows PC that does not have “natural scrolling” configured, but fortunately, I don’t use a Windows PC all that often. I usually can make do with Windows running in VMware Fusion on my MBP,…

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From Nexus One to Samsung Galaxy S II


The Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) has got to be one of the most anticipated Android phones of 2011. There are already plenty of excellent reviews of the SGS2 (some listed at the end of this post), so I will not write yet another post to review the phone. What I’ll do, instead, is to share my experiences with the…

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The Unix Workshop in 2011


I was recently involved in delivering a Unix workshop to the new freshmen intake of AY2011/2012. It’s something that the freshmen attend every new academic year. The idea is to expose them to Unix, particularly since many of them haven’t seen such an operating environment before, so that they would not be totally clueless, particularly when they start attending classes…

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Building My New PC


It’s been quite a long while since I last built my own PC. My last desktop PC was built some time around 2005. I was reasonably familiar with PC components at that time. Technology has changed so much, and even though I do work in the “IT line”, and I do occasionally spec out server requirements, I’ve for the most…

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Basilico at The Regent Singapore


I was recently at The Regent Singapore for a workshop. Lunch time came, and I had expected that it would be a standard buffet setup in the reception outside, or perhaps in an adjacent function room. That’s the typical lunch arrangement for most IT events. However, we were instead led to Basilico, a refined dining restaurant in the hotel. I…

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