Hello Windows 7


Yes, yes, I know, for a “techie” person, I’m awfully behind time moving on to Windows 7. The Windows 8 consumer preview is already out in the wild, and I’m only just getting around to putting Windows 7 on my work desktop. In my defense: I must point out that I’m primarily a Mac user, then a Unix user, and…

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Coca Cola Friendship Machine


We have our own version of the Coca Cola Friendship Machine. If you’re around in the NUS area tomorrow, head over to the foyer area in front of LT14. Locate the Coca Cola vending machine, just like the one pictured here, give it a big hug (there’s a right way to do it), and it’ll dispense a free Coke. Yes,…

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Sundays at La Tanglin Boulangerie


The La Tanglin Boulangerie is a cozy little cafe located in the basement of Tanglin Mall. Yes, that’s the mall in the corner of Tanglin Road and Grange Road that became flooded from torrential rain last year. It’s a place I go from time to time, on Sundays (and coincidentally not that Sunday when it flooded), while the kids attend…

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Your Mobile Phone is the Computer

Nexus One

Canonical recently showed off Ubuntu running on an Android smartphone at the Mobile World Congress. It looks really cool. I’ve been thinking about an idea like this for some time. Smartphones are getting really powerful. Can we see see our smartphone becoming our computer some day soon? I can’t say in the long term if this is how our gadgets…

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What’s Wrong With Taxis in Singapore?


I was flipping through our Land Transport Authority’s Land Transport Master Plan recently. A couple of statistics caught my attention. One of it is about taxis. According to the LTA, there are 5,129 taxis per million persons in Singapore. There are 2,642 taxis per million persons in Hong Kong. I’m extremely puzzled. In Hong Kong, if you accidentally wave your…

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Not $78K, But Now $82K For Right to Own Car


It was $78K last month, and I thought it was already a ridiculous price to pay for that certificate of entitlement to own a car. The first bidding exercise this month saw a modest increase to $79K. But last evening, the results of the 2nd bidding exercise of March continues to see a significant increase in the Cat B COE…

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Samsung Galaxy S III Details and Specifications


In all the recent excitement over the ICS release for the Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2), I forgot there was also news about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III (SGS3). Yes, the 3rd generation Galaxy S. You didn’t think Samsung would stop at the SGS2, did you? Samsung’s Galaxy S series of Android smartphones have been extremely successful. Everyone’s expecting…

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Ultra-Thin USB Thumb Drive


I was a little intrigued when I saw an advertisement for an ultra-thin USB thumb drive. The advertisement boasted the thumb drive’s 4mm thickness (or, well, thinness). Sounds thin? Well, not quite. I’ve been using this neat little microSD USB adapter. See how small it is? Yup, it’s just that thin piece of flat plastic with the gold contacts on…

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Blog Integration With Facebook

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It hasn’t really been a long time since my last “state of my blog” update. ┬áThe last was when I wrote about WordPress 3.3, or if you don’t count that, then when I announced I had outsourced the hosting of this site. The last week, I’ve been on a roll – writing one post per day. It just happened that…

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