Onslaught of Cloud Storage


Google launched their Drive cloud storage service last week. We all expected that to be coming. There had been speculations about it for a long time. We’re all a little surprised that Google came onboard so late. With Google Drive, you get a generous 5 GB of cloud storage free of charge. At the same time, Google also announced upgrading…

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ESET Endpoint Security Solutions


Let me guess. You might have heard of ESET, but you’re not very familiar with their products? Well, you could be forgiven, because they’ve got just 2% share of Singapore installations and 9% share of the global installations. But they have promising products and look set to grow from strength to strength. I attended their blogger engagement event a couple…

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Dim Sum at Hai Tien Lo


The Wife was craving for some nice Dim Sum, and came across this Dim Sum a la carte buffet promotion at Hai Tien Lo. This is an award-winning fine-dining Cantonese cuisine restaurant located at Level 37 of the Pan Pacific Hotel. With breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline and the habour, this is the sort of place to go to…

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From iPad to the New iPad


The New iPad launched in Singapore on 16 March 2012. That’s a good six weeks ago, a little too late for me to write yet-another-review of the most exciting iPad yet. ┬áBut there’s always an opportunity to share personal experiences, even though, then again, I’m sure there are many others like me who are jumping from the 1st generation iPad…

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EAT by Fei Siong


Have you heard of EAT? Not about the verb concerning the consumption of food. But EAT, the eatery that has been opening outlets all over Singapore in recent years. They sell local noodle fares like fishball noodles, minced pork noodes, dumpling noodles and laksa. EAT is a mini restaurant concept brand owned by the Fei Siong Group. The first outlet…

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The Helping Alvin Get Into School Saga Continues


You thought that would be it. An appeal for support to help him get into school. Then it got exposed by the Sunday Times article yesterday that Alvin Wang, the person seeking support for his appeal to get into NUS, actually did get into NUS. In fact, he was offered a place in the School of Computing’s Information Systems course….

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Paddy’s The Australian Concept


If you’re a Fish & Chips lover, you’ve probably been spoilt for choice. There are plenty of pretty good Fish & Chips here in Singapore. Decently priced too. Here’s another one. If you’ve not been to the food court at Tanglin Mall, you should check it out. The Fish & Chips pictured here comes Paddy’s The Australian Concept. It’s one…

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Why Does Alvin Need School?

Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 10.01.45 AM

This morning, you might have found yourself waking up to all the buzz about helping Alvin to get into school. School, here, being the School of Computing at NUS. Oh yes, that’s where I work, hence it caught my attention, a lot more than most other viral marketing campaigns might have. It got so much of my attention that I’m…

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If Only SMRT Had More of These…


The SMRT breakdown yesterday could have been easily averted. A power supply earth fault had brought down their communications backbone network, and that disrupted their train signally and hence te trains could not run. Now, I suppose they do have UPS backup power, but probably just not enough of it. If only they had enough batteries, the 2.5 hrs of…

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Is the Facebook Mobile App Secure?


At a security class yesterday, the trainer asked if we access Facebook with the Facebook App on our mobile phones. Most of us do. More importantly, do we use Wifi while doing so? As you know, Wifi traffic can be easily snooped, particularly on open Wifi networks such as Wireless@SG. If hackers can capture the traffic between your device and…

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