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EAT by Fei Siong

Have you heard of EAT? Not about the verb concerning the consumption of food. But EAT, the eatery that has been opening outlets all over Singapore in recent years. They sell local noodle fares like fishball noodles, minced pork noodes, dumpling noodles and laksa.

EAT is a mini restaurant concept brand owned by the Fei Siong Group. The first outlet I knew about was the one at Rail Mall. I’m not sure if that was their first, but this one has been there for quite a number of years.

Apart from their noodle fare, they also serve a variety of sides like fried crispy chicken wings, many types of fish/prawn/crabmeat/sotong balls, ngoh hiong, and beancurd rolls.

Have a look at the menu, if you’re interested to know all they have to offer. (Click on the image to view the full-sized photo in order to make out the words.)

My favourite is the laksa, followed closely by the minced pork noodles, both pictured below. They taste pretty good.

Yes, you get to choose to have “hum” (i.e. cockles) or not in your laksa. I’ll always have that; laksa is not complete without those cockles.

The crispy chicken wings are pretty good too, although I didn’t order it this time around to get a photo for this post.

EAT is a self-serve restaurant, so you just place your order at the counter, pay, collect your food, and sit yourself at the table. They are reasonably fast, just like what you’d expect from your neighbourhood hawker stall.

In case you’re wondering, EAT does stand for something – Endearing Authentic food with a traditional Taste.

Some of EAT’s outlets are 24 hours, like the one located at Rail Mall. So if it is past midnight and you’re hungry for some local noodle fare, this is one place you can head to.

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