UnoTelly For Your Netflix Fix


Many content stream services implement geo-blocks to prevent access from users outside specific geographies. This is often due to content licensing requirements. I previously published a post about using VPN services to get around this block. Another popular solution is to use a smart DNS service designed to circumvent geo-restrictions. UnoTelly’s UnoDNS is one such popular DNS service, and they are…

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Night Views from the Singapore Flyer


I was recently invited to a Domino’s Pizza blogger event which included a ride on the Singapore Flyer. We were a big group, and two whole cabins were reserved for us. This would be a night ride, just after the sun disappeared beneath the horizon. The scenes from up the Singapore Flyer were simply awesome. The photos captured by my…

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50% Off Pizzas Promotion


I was recently invited to attend the official launch of Domino’s Pizza iPhone App. Domino’s had also shared an exciting promotion then, and I’ll like to tell you all about it now! Yes, if you’ve read the title of this post, it’s 50% off all Domino’s pizza from now till 18 August 2012. That’s about two months of yummilicious 50%…

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Your Pizza is an iPhone/iPad Away


Domino’s Pizza Singapore has just upped the ante in the pizza delivery competition here with the launch of their iPhone pizza ordering application. Soft-launched on 1 May 2012, the Domino’s Pizza app has already made it into the number 1 Lifestyle app in Singapore, attracting some 20,000 downloads within the first three weeks. The new iPhone app is designed to…

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What Type of Singaporean Are You?

Screenshot from

Yes, you know you’re Singaporean. But just what type of Singaporean are you? Huh, you mean there are different kinds of Singaporeans? Abuden! And you didn’t know that? Aiyo, you better quick go find out now! Alamak, you don’t know where? Okay, there’s an online quiz to help you discover your true Singaporean self! Just head over to: Chop chop dun…

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A Feast at the Grand Mercure Roxy


The Grand Mercure Roxy, a quiet hotel nestled in the heart of historical Katong, just opposite the bustling Parkway Parade shopping mall, recently launched its brand new renovated facilities at Level 4. A bunch of bloggers and myself were invited to a networking session to peek at the new facilities. Katong is actually quite a long way off from my…

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Get Your Instant Ice Cold MILO Now!


Do you love ice cold MILO? I do, and I think many people do too! Wherever the MILO van goes to distribute free MILO, you’ll surely see a long queue of people. It’s not just because it is free, it’s also because many people really love the ice cold MILO, so refreshing particularly on a hot humid day. Nestle has…

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AKG K3003

2011-11-08 19.19.27

AKG’s latest flagship headphone, the K3003, clearly sets a new standard in ultimate headphone listening experience. Launched at IFA 2011, AKG describes the K3003 as the world’s smallest true three-way reference-quality in-ear headphones. It’s really an absolutely astounding headphone, not least because of its price tag, at $1599, which will almost certainly be out of reach of most except the…

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AKG Q460

2011-11-17 17.34.42

The AKG Q460 is the second of three models in the AKG Quincy Jones Signature Line of headphones. It is a smart-looking lightweight on-the-ear headphone that joins the Q350 (my review here) and the Q701 to be endorsed by Quincy Jones. Thanks to, IMS Marketing and AKG, I was provided with this pair of Q460 headphones for review. This is…

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AKG K518LE Review

2011-11-18 10.37.56

The first time I put on the AKG K518LE (Limited Edition) DJ headphones, I was immediately struck by the deep fat punchy bass. It was simply awesome. If you’re a bass head, you’re probably going to like these headphones a lot. It’s surprisingly good for a headphone in its price category. Thanks to, IMS Marketing and AKG, I was…

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