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Your Pizza is an iPhone/iPad Away

Domino’s Pizza Singapore has just upped the ante in the pizza delivery competition here with the launch of their iPhone pizza ordering application. Soft-launched on 1 May 2012, the Domino’s Pizza app has already made it into the number 1 Lifestyle app in Singapore, attracting some 20,000 downloads within the first three weeks.

The new iPhone app is designed to make it easy and convenient to order pizzas on-the-go, using your iPhone or iPad. It’s the first of any mobile pizza ordering app in Singapore. This initiative further strengthens Domino’s pioneering spirit.

The iPhone app is just another platform for ordering pizzas. Domino’s takes phone orders as well as online orders through its website. Websites that have been designed to be experienced on a desktop or notebook computer often do not work very well on a mobile platform. It’s a good thing that Domino’s has seen opportunity to reach out to mobile users.

You can download the iPhone app by visiting the App Store and search for “Domino’s SG”. It is a free download, and it will work with iPads as well.

The app is simple and intuitive to use. The primary purpose of the app is to enable you to browse Domino’s menu and to place orders. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are for: Menu, My Cart, Tracker, Help and My Account.

To place an order, you start from the Menu. You can view their promotion items, select from their A la Carte menu, redeem coupons, or choose from your pre-saved favourite orders. The pre-saved orders are linked to your account, so whatever you’ve saved when ordering through their website is also available in this mobile app.

Just like on their website online orders, at checkout, you also get to choose one free side item: Twisty Bread, Cinnastix, Breadstix or Onion Rings.

On your first pizza order with the iPhone app, you also get a free Chocolate Lava Cake, redeemable on your next order. The Chocolate Lava Cake is really good, I would go out of my way to use the iPhone app instead of ordering through the web just to get the Chocolate Laval Cake.

Furthermore, every 50th iPhone app order gets a free regular pizza redeemable on the next order.

The iPhone app is fast. It is also designed to focus on pizza ordering. Domino’s demonstrated a real live order, from start to finish. The entire ordering process took 1 minute 15 seconds.

For existing online customers, you’re probably familiar with their GPS Tracker feature. This is the feature that lets you track the different stages of their pizza order, whether it is being made, if it’s gone into the oven, being boxed, or being delivered. You can track your order the same way in the iPhone app too.

A convenient feature that not all customers may be aware of is that you can place advance orders for up to 7 days ahead. So you can plan a pizza party for tomorrow, or the coming weekend. So, basically, you can start off your party preparations early, and avoid having to worry about last minute tasks.

A big feature of Domino’s is their guaranteed 30 minute delivery. The live order at this event arrived in 27 minutes, sent out from their Killiney outlet to our location at the Singapore Flyer.

Look out for more Domino’s offers coming real soon. Next week. In the meanwhile, if you’ve not download the Domino’s SG iPhone app, go get it now!

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