mbg2These pages here contain or link to collections of various things about Apple, Macs or Mac OS X.

Macs are quite enjoyable to use. I’ve used Macs since before the Mac OS X era, but only begun to seriously use one when I got a Powerbook G4 (around 2006 I think). Then subsequently, I bought a MacBook in 2008, and then now I have a 13″ MacBook Pro (mid-2009 model). My first brush with Apple was actually owning 3rd-party Apple ][ clones back in the 1980s.

First of all, the pages here:

  • Software for New Mac Users: This is an introductory guide for new users or owners of Mac computers.
  • Mac @ NUS: Just for users in NUS (National University of Singapore). Step by step instructions for getting your Mac to work in NUS. There is a Part 2 for the more advanced topics.

Here’s a bunch of Apple or Mac related posts I’ve written here:

Links to things elsewhere:

Primate Labs Mac April 2008 Performance

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