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Mac @ NUS (Part 2)

This page covers the more advanced topics about using a Mac in NUS. For the basics, please check out Mac @ NUS first.

Address Book

You can access NUSNET account information (including SOC UNIX accounts) through the Mac’s Address Book application. These address book entries can be used in various Mac applications such as Mail.app, so that for example, you can type a name, and have Mail.app auto-complete with that person’s email address found through Address Book. These instructions are for Leopard.

  1. Start the Address Book application.
  2. Open the Prefrences window (press Cmd-,). Then click on the LDAP button at the top.
  3. ldap-1Click on the + button to add a new LDAP account.
  4. Enter the following details:
    Name: Anything to describe this address book. E.g. NUSNET.
    Server: ldapstf.nus.edu.sg (or ldapstu.nus.edu.sg)
    Search Base: dc=stf,dc=nus,dc=edu,dc=sg (or  dc=stu,dc=nus,dc=edu,dc=sg)
    Authentication: Simple
    User name: Your NUSNET account (xxx@nus.edu.sg)
    Password: Your NUSNET password
  5. ldap-2Click Save.
  6. Quit Address Book.

You will be able to use Address Book to find contacts in the NUSNET address book. You can also do so from the Mail.app.

For Snow Leopard, it’s similar to the above. Continuing on from the Preference window:

  1. Click ont the Accounts tab, then click on the + button to add an account.Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 12.27.35
  2. Choose LDAP for the Account Type, then fill in the Server address (as for Leopard). Then click Continue.Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 12.28.44
  3. Fill in the remaining details as above for Leopard. Then click Create.Screen shot 2009-10-12 at PM 12.29.34
  4. That’s it. Close the Preferences window.

For SoC Address Book, do the following:

  1. Server: ldap.comp.nus.edu.sg
  2. Search Base: ou=People,dc=comp,dc=nus,dc=edu,dc=sg
  3. Authentication: None

That’s it.

4 thoughts on “Mac @ NUS (Part 2)

  1. Hi Zit Seng,

    Came across you site via Google. Firstly, thanks for putting all these Mac@NUS tips up. Definitely helped me a lot as I just got a MBP after years on Windows. ^__^ Just wanted to let you know that for Snow Leopard, adding the NUS address book could only be done within Mail app as Address Book app doesn’t have the LDAP option.

  2. hey zit seng, thanks for the useful information. just curious, when searching for names using this somehow the system is only able to search according to matric number or email address, and not by the name. anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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