K Box Nonchalant About Hack

K Box

K Box membership database was poured out on the Internet today by a hacker group calling themselves The Knowns. Leaked details of K Box 317K members included names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and NRIC numbers. The best part of this incident is, you know what, that K Box had “no comments”. According to Channel News Asia, the “no comments” was…

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Lessons in Cookie Management


M1 had to suspend its iPhone 6 pre-orders last night because of the discovery of a security vulnerability in its pre-order system. The details shared by Channel News Asia (CNA) revealed that information of other customers could be leaked by trivially modifying a session cookie using a Google Chrome browser cookie plugin. It’s a silly amateurish mistake. Unfortunately, such mistakes are…

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HillV2 Opens


HillV2 just opened its doors two weekends ago, on Saturday 6 September. That is, if just two tenants ready to receive their first customers count. There is Starbucks on the ground level, and Hillview Market Place (Cold Storage) on the second level. These two tenants were enough to draw a small crowd of residents from the neighbourhood. Developed by Far East Organisation,…

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Reviving the Apple Magic Mouse


My Apple Magic Mouse stopped working this week. It was totally dead, even with a fresh set of known good batteries. I was sorely disappointed, for two important reasons. First, the Magic Mouse was a really great mouse, and I loved using it tremendously. Secondly, this is an Apple product, how could it break down so easily for no rhyme…

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SAF Needs To Embrace Smartphones Too


I’ve read recently how the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States are developing smartphones for their soldiers. Another article shares how smartphones can help save the lives of soldiers. It’s not surprising, isn’t it? Most of us have more sophisticated technology on us, throughout the entire day, than our soldiers typically do. Welcome to the age of smartphones….

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Intel Launches Xeon Processor E5 v3


Intel today introduced the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600/1600 v3 product families which are designed to address the requirements of diverse workloads and the rapidly evolving needs of data centres. These processors will be used by enterprises for workloads such as data analytics, high performance computing, telecommunications, cloud-based services, and back-end processing such as the Internet of Things. The new processor families…

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Trusting Apps and Websites


Most people will know a little bit about IT security, and probably the importance of awareness to protect themselves. IT security, unfortunately, is a complicated business. Even sometimes when people think they know about, say, protecting their security credentials, they actually just barely understand the breadth and depth of the matter. Here’s what I mean. Do you consider about why you should trust the…

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Rapoo E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard Review


I recently found that my Nexus 7 tablet was an adequate notebook replacement for light work while travelling, provided I had a real physical keyboard to use. I had used the Apple Wireless Keyboard previously. Since then, I’ve been wondering if smaller-sized wireless keyboards would also serve well for my needs. One candidate is this Rapoo E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard. The Rapoo…

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Celebrity Hacks Underscore Cloud Risks


A trending news topic right now is about the possible hack of celebrity iCloud accounts. This brings me to one of my pet topics. How much of the cloud should you (and me) trust? You see, there are many great benefits with using the cloud, and I do love it as well. But at the same time, I don’t quite trust…

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Back to School with Pricey Gadgets

The university semester in Singapore is already underway for a few weeks. But our American counterparts are only just getting started. Looking through all the Back to School write-ups, I’m finding myself rather surprised at the kind of paraphernalia marketeers feel are right up the alley of college (i.e. university) students. I know they could be spending parent’s money, but…

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