Western Digital My Passport Wireless

My Passport Wireless

Western Digital launched last month a new addition to their line of My Passport portable storage solutions, the My Passport Wireless. The My Passport Wireless is not only a portable hard disk drive, but also a mobile wireless drive with an integrated SD card slot, making it possibly the most versatile mobile storage solution at this time. Apart from functioning like other USB bus-powered…

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OnePlus One Battery Life

OnePlus One

Battery life is often a constant pain point for many modern smartphone users. We’re not asking to go back to the days of Symbian phones and before. Just one full day with a bit of buffer would be great. However, most of our phones don’t even last a day. I’m pleased that with my OnePlus One, battery hasn’t been a concern. Prior…

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The Need For Network Awareness

That's our plane, flying JAL on Boeing 767.

Last week, you may have come across this news about how a passenger claimed Singapore Airlines billed him some S$1.5K for his use of wireless Internet onboard his Singapore bound flight from London. He claimed to have bought a 30MB package costing US$30, but ended up paying another US$1142 in excess data charges. That was for viewing 155 web pages and sending…

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Jabra Sport Pulse Review

Jabra Sport Pulse

Fitness and health are some of the key applications of wearable technology gadgets, and I think Jabra has come up with something very interesting in their Jabra Sport Pulse. Launched last month, this is a Bluetooth headphone that builds in a heart rate monitoring function. If you’ve been procrastinating about going for that run or workout, perhaps some technology will…

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X-mini CLEAR Review

X-mini Clear

The most recognisable feature of Xmi’s X-mini range of Bluetooth speakers is probably their diminutive size. The new X-mini CLEAR is quite different. While we wouldn’t consider it large, it’s certainly the largest Bluetooth speaker in the X-mini product line. It’s not set to reach the market until mid November, but Xmi kindly sent a review unit for me to test. The…

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How To Shop At Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square

The recent news about Sim Lim Square, and in particular of Mobile Air and Mobile 22, may have left you concerned about shopping at the mall. However, shopping at this electronics paradise is relatively safe and easy, if you follow some simple rules. First, avoid Levels 1 and 2. In fact, just pretend that Sim Lim Square begins from Level 3. If…

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The Deal With The OnePlus One

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One may be about six months old by now, but it still grabs headlines from a variety of tech media. The Chinese company didn’t even exist one year ago, and with no marketing budget (or maybe just about US$300), it seems almost unimaginable that people are lining up, albeit virtually online, to grab this Android smartphone. What is the big…

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ASUS MeMO Pad 8 Review


The wave of 64-bit Android tablets is upon us. ASUS launched another MeMO Pad 8 tablet earlier this month. Yes, “another”, because it replaces an older MeMO Pad 8. It’s bewildering why manufacturers want to reuse model names, but it happens. The new MeMO Pad 8 has the part number ME581CL, and it replaces the older model (ME181) in the market, which…

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Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker Review

Logitech X300

Logitech launched their X100 and X300 Bluetooth portable speakers a few months back. They are both attractively designed. The X100 clearly puts portability as its top priority, while the X300 strikes a careful balance with oomph in its sound delivery while remaining portable and functional. We’ll look at the X300 in this review. The X300 is reasonably compact, measuring 69 x 152 x…

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Not Enough Electricity In SAF Camp


I read with amusement the BMTC commander’s reply to a forum letter to review the “no-charger rule” for National Service recruits. He said the mass charging of mobile phones would mean using multi-adaptors and extension cords, which increases the risks of overheating. Really? BMTC doesn’t have enough electricity and/or sockets to go around to support mobile phone charging? Let’s do…

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