AKG K240 Studio Headphones

AKG K240

I’m not a big fan of headphones, not the kinds that go over my head, but a friend loaned this pair of AKG K240 Studio headphones to me, so I thought I’d write a few words (or paragraphs) about them. It was on sale at Amazon for US$68 with free shipping to Singapore, making it quite a good deal then. AKG…

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Journey from Aperture to Lightroom

Lightroom on Retina MacBook Pro

I’m not a professional photographer, but I do take lots of photos, and I need some way to keep all of them organised. I had been using Aperture, until Apple announced last year that they were ceasing development of the app. I decided, then, to stop investing any more time in a deprecated app, and move on to Adobe Lightroom. Both Aperture and…

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Singtel New Logo Same Greed


On the same day Singtel unveiled their new logo and new service commitments to customer service, their Group CEO Ms Chua Sock Koong also talked about discriminatory Internet access. She reiterated her belief that telcos should be allowed to charge major content providers a premium for users to get faster access to their content. I’m sorely disappointed. Ms Chua used examples like WhatsApp,…

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Sennheiser URBANITE XL Review

Sennheiser URBANITE XL

I covered the launch of Sennheiser’s URBANITE XL headphones last year. I tested them in the field then, and they sounded good. I’ve now got a pair for testing and review in the quiet comfort of my office, and I’m pleased to hear again the impressive performance of the URBANITE XL under better listening conditions. Here’s a quick recap on the URBANITE XL. It…

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Toast Box NETS FlashPay


If you patronise Toast Box frequently for their coffee, this could be a good offer to get. To celebrate the opening of their 100th stores worldwide, Toast Box has launched a limited edition 100 stores worldwide Kopi Card. It’s both a NETS FlashPay card, and also a special stored value card for purchasing discounted coffee from Toast Box. I’ve not seen or…

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Fitbit Zip Review

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit, the company, is well known for their activity tracker products of the same name. The Fitbit Zip is their entry-level wireless activity tracker. It was launched in September 2012, so it’s a little dated at this time. However, for people who are looking for basic pedometer functions, the Fitbit Zip may just suit their needs perfectly. The Fitbit Zip is…

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Rats at Hotpot Culture

Hotpot Culture

I used to like this place. Simple food. Nothing fancy. But Hotpot Culture found itself embroiled in a disgusting situation when it a netizen reported discovering a rat in a vegetable dish served on their buffet. Sure, some people thought it funny, making references to delicacies and Ratatouille. If you had dined in there, perhaps with some frequency, it’s downright disgusting….

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Make Backups and Go 2FA


It’s still relatively early in this new year of 2015, and if you’ve not thought about any new year’s resolution, I’ve some suggestions for you. If you’re not already doing these things, it’s high time that you make them a priority. It’s 2015, you had better be making backups of your computer stuffs, and you had better be using 2FA. Let’s…

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ICA Doesn’t Care Website Down

ICA - Immigration   Checkpoints Authority of Singapore

The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority’s (ICA) website has been down for some time. At least since November 2014, when a friend brought it to my attention. Most people don’t seem to notice, because the outage affects only IPv6 users. I’ve contacted ICA in December 2014, and for over a month, I’ve been assured the matter is receiving their attention. Nothing’s…

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Modern Aircraft May Have Become Too Complex


Among the couple of jobs I had dreamed to do, when I was a child, one of them was to be a pilot. I ended up doing something else. But I’ve always had a fascination with flying, and am what you could say an armchair pilot. For others who are also fascinated about flying a passenger aircraft, this entry in…

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