This page is old. My new homepage is at I'm just keeping this old page around because not everything has been moved over to the new site.

Hello, my name is Lai Zit Seng. Welcome to my homepage. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the pages here. Like many others, my homepage is forever under construction. Your feedback is most appreciated. My contact information is available.

Officially at: (about this homepage)

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Some Personal Information

I am a fun loving person with wide and varied interest in computers. You can probably guess some of my interests from the bookmarks listed on this page.

About Myself - This is a quick summary of who I am, what I do, etc: ACS, National Service, University.

Curriculum Vitae - This is my online resume. If you have an exciting position available that pays well, do let me know :P

Contact Information - My contact information.

I have a work-still-in-progress Photo Album available.

Personal Links

Computers and Me - My long experience with computers starting way back from the Apple ][+ days.

Internet, UNIX and Me - Apples fade away in the new era of the information superhighway.

My Friends - Here are some of my friends whom I know have homepages on the WWW. Some day, I'll list also those who only have an email presence on the internet.

My Work

My Work - There isn't much updated at this moment. But when it's done, you'll find out about what I do in in the School of Computing. (private)

My HOWTO guides on running Linux on several notebooks: IBM ThinkPad T20, Dell Inspiron 3500, and NEC Versa Lite FX. Also some Nokia info.

Using WaveLAN with Linux - This is about using the WaveLAN IEEE Turbo PC Card with Linux in the NUS wireless SPnP pilot project. More info about WEP support is available.

Using Linux in NUSNET or other WinNT campus network - Basic, direct instructions about configuring a Linux client in NUSNET.

All About Cars - A couple of random links and information about cars and motoring in Singapore.

Here's a list of web sites that I run/administer/maintain:

Favourite Bookmarks
Internet Search
·Google, AltaVista, Yahoo!
·Online Dictionary
·Computing Dictionary
·Comp Sci Bibliography
·Internet RFC Bibliography
·Cryptography A-2-Z
·Cryptographic Libraries
·Theory of Cryptography
·Zedz (Replay Crypto)
·Electronic Payment Schemes
·IPv6, (Linux, Microsoft)
·6bone Homepage
Software and OS
·GNU, OpenSource, OpenSourceIT
·OS News
·Freshmeat, Linux Today, Slashdot
·Linux Weekly, Daily
·Solaris Freeware
·Complete OS/2 Links Page
·Linux Homepage, Documentation
·Linux InfoHQ, Kernel Notes
·Linux on Laptops, NotebookHQ
·Network drivers, PCMCIA
·RedHat, Gnome, Mandrake, KDE
·ThinkPad Linux, Mailing List, ALSA
·L0pht, Security Advisories
·ISS Security Library
·Infilsec Vulnerability Engine
·Palm Pilot, DevZone
Computer Stores
·IBM ThinkPad
·Dell, Singapore
Hardware and Technology
·Tom's Hardware, CPU
·Performance Database Server
·Thinking Farm
·Web Hosting
·Managed DNS
·VA Probe
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