Quick Btrfs Tutorial


Btrfs, pronounced “Butter F S”, among others, is one of the many open source filesystems available on Linux. It’s features include multi-device spanning, cloning, snapshots, sub volumes, and RAID capabilities makes it attractive for building multi drive storage arrays. Btrfs offers data protection and the convenience to grow or resize its storage pool as and when needed. Btrfs is similar to Oracle’s…

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WD My Passport Anniversary Edition


It’s the 10th anniversary of Western Digital’s popular line of My Passport portable external hard drives. Western Digital is commemorating this milestone with the launch of the My Passport Ultra Anniversary Edition (featured here) and Metal Edition. I know it’s just the look, but they really look gorgeous. This could be good enough reasons for people to go out buy the…

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A Cloud Over Mailbox


Mailbox app, the email software that garnered a wait list some 380K long for its iOS premiere in 2013, has come to OS X in a limited public beta last week. Mailbox is really quite exciting. However, in doing some background research for a review on the app, I discovered something disturbing. It’s something that you should probably know about too….

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WD TV Media Player Review


Western Digital announced their new WD TV media player in July 2014. It has support for virtually any file format, streaming from many sources, as well as access to online streaming content. It’s the latest addition to their already long line up of media players. Western Digital sent a review unit, so here I am eager to try it out. With so many…

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The Internet Overflows


The Internet has gotten so big, it’s started to overflow. Yes, sir, the Internet is full. Would some of you kindly logoff so that others could use the Internet? Oh well, that’s not exactly what’s happening. But it’s somewhat true, that the Internet is getting so big it’s becoming a problem for some Internet routers. One week ago, an error…

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Seagate Backup Plus Slim Review


Seagate announced in April 2014 the latest product to join their portable storage lineup, the Backup Plus Slim. The new drive features a svelte and compact design, USB 3.0 interface, comes in capacities ranging from 500MB to 2TB, and a couple of colours to choose from. Today’s portable storage don’t just have to function great, but are expected to look and…

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Updated Retina MacBook Pros from NUS


The National University of Singapore (NUS) updated its notebook tender for 2014 last month. For people looking to buy a Retina MacBook Pro, the tender became immediately obsolete, because Apple announced a hardware refresh and a price cut across its entire Retina MacBook Pro line. NUS halted the Retina MacBook Pro sales, but they’re now back with the new models and new prices! If…

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D-Link DCS-930L Network Camera Review


This is a really old network camera, but hey, it was just on sale for S$29. Yes, just S$29. It’s not the best spec network camera, but if you just need to keep an eye on what’s happening at home, or wherever you have setup the camera to watch, DCS-930L may still be a great camera to get. The DCS-930L is…

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UnoTelly For Your Netflix Fix


Many content stream services implement geo-blocks to prevent access from users outside specific geographies. This is often due to content licensing requirements. I previously published a post about using VPN services to get around this block. Another popular solution is to use a smart DNS service designed to circumvent geo-restrictions. UnoTelly’s UnoDNS is one such popular DNS service, and they are…

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Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Review


Until now, if I needed any surface to glide my mice on, it has always been free or next-to-free mouse pads. This marks the first time I’m forking out more than a few dollars for a mouse pad. This one, of course, is no ordinary mouse pad. This is the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition mouse mat. Coming from a company that specialises…

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