The Mac Facilitates Spying Too

Retina MacBook Pro

I’ve been sitting on this information for some time, waiting to get more research done before I publish a post. But since word has come out about how Lenovo preloads what amounts to very bad spyware on their PCs, I thought I should also just go right ahead to spill the beans on the Mac. Yes, that’s right. Superfish is…

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Setting Up New Desktop

Setting up new Dell PC

We got a new Dell desktop computer at home. The Wife had gotten it because the old Acer desktop it was replacing has started showing signs of trouble. The task of setting up the new Dell fell upon me, since I was the “IT person” around the house. This is a Windows computer that is being replaced. It’s a task that’s going to take…

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P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver for Retina MacBook Pro


Disassembling a Retina MacBook Pro is easy, just as long as you have the right tools. Apple’s hardware haven’t always been the easiest to open up, and in recent years, they’ve also taken to use somewhat non-standard screws. So what if you need or want to open the bottom cover of your Retina MacBook Pro? We’ll, there’s a screwdriver for that,…

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ASUS PadFone S

ASUS PadFone S

The ASUS PadFone S looks like a pretty ordinary smartphone on the surface. It looks good, though not outstanding. It’s specs under the hood are on par with that you’d expect in a premium phone. It’s reasonably cheap too! But the PadFone S does have more tricks up its sleeve that will help it stand out from other flagship smartphones. First…

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New Raspberry Pi 2 Is Here

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

The Raspberry Pi Foundation made a surprise announcement two days ago about the release of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. It’s a supercharged version of the previous generation B+ model. Geeks around the world, at leat all those who are into these sort of gadgetry, swooned over the new Pi. Well, it’s arrived, on my desk today. For those…

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Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure

Cisco Catalyst 10GbE line card

When we talk about enterprise wireless networks, we often downplay the role of the wireless access point. The thingy at home you call a wireless router is actually smarter than the wireless access points we use in an enterprise network. Our wireless access points are “light-weight”, which is a nice way of saying they’re quite dumb. After our bit of…

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RADIUS Saves Our Wireless Network

Cisco Wireless Access Point

To most people, “radius” is something to do with circles. For network folks, RADIUS refers to Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. It is an authentication service for controlling user access to various network services like, for example, our enterprise wireless. We had significant problems with our wireless at NUS this week, so I think it might be interesting to share a little…

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Singtel New Logo Same Greed


On the same day Singtel unveiled their new logo and new service commitments to customer service, their Group CEO Ms Chua Sock Koong also talked about discriminatory Internet access. She reiterated her belief that telcos should be allowed to charge major content providers a premium for users to get faster access to their content. I’m sorely disappointed. Ms Chua used examples like WhatsApp,…

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Make Backups and Go 2FA


It’s still relatively early in this new year of 2015, and if you’ve not thought about any new year’s resolution, I’ve some suggestions for you. If you’re not already doing these things, it’s high time that you make them a priority. It’s 2015, you had better be making backups of your computer stuffs, and you had better be using 2FA. Let’s…

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Gadget Reviews in 2014


This has been an exciting year of gadget reviews here on this blog. I’m a gadget guy. The opportunity to try out and write about the numerous gadgets that come my way has been most enjoyable. No, I did not buy them all. I’m most thankful to the many companies who have sent evaluation units for review. As 2014 comes to a close,…

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