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Circles.Life New Telco In Town

We asked for more competition. The incumbents don’t like it. But we, the consumers, find our three main telcos here just aren’t working hard enough to bring better value, more competitive prices, to us. We want a 4th telco. We have been waiting. But we have a new player, right now, Circles.Life.

Now, Circles.Life isn’t quite that 4th telco that’s been making lots of news lately. They are another kind of telco. They are a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means that they depend on another mobile network operator that owns and operates the physical cellular infrastructure. In the case of Circles.Life, they’ve partnered with M1.

Circles.Life will launch this week. They will have a launch event this evening. Follow my blog, I’ll be back with more updates as soon as I hear them.

While there’s no official word on what plans and what prices Circles.Life will offer, it seems clear that their focus will be on data. You can already visit their circles.life website now. There are a couple of sweet offerings we can expect:

  • Contract-free SIM-only plans
  • Customise and build your own plan
  • Earn bonus data, perhaps for referrals and special occasions
  • Limitless data — I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound like the same as unlimited data; I’ll have more information for you tomorrow!

Some of these offerings are already available from our existing telcos, including, for example, contract-free SIM-only plans. It remains to be seen how Circles.Life can bundle and price their products to wow customers.

Regardless, competition is good, and Circles.Life looks poised to serve our new generation of digital communication needs.

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