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Baby Compatible Food

This is the Shoyu Ramen from Ajisen Ramen. It is a set promotion that comes with drink and two sides. It’s quite nice (I usually like Ajisen’s ramen anyway). Usually I would order something somewhat spicy, since I like spicy food. But nowadays, the choice of food is sometimes influenced or determined by compatibility with baby Vanessa. Heh.

Well, Vanessa has been eating adult food for some time. So whenever we go out, either we have to order something for her (i.e. from the kid’s menu), or she eats off from one of our food. Usually she won’t have her own kid’s meal though, since she likely won’t finish it anyway. So it makes more sense for the adults to order a baby compatible meal and perhaps add on some baby compatible sides.

Then the time will come, when Vanessa will order her own meal, and she won’t like it, and then papa or mama will have to finish it. We see it happen with other parents, finishing up their babies’ leftovers or unwanted food.

Maybe it’ll be interesting if Vanessa chooses to order spicy food. I’m thinking she might like spicy too, because I’ve tested offering her some linguine with chili flakes and she seemed to enjoy it. We should condition Vanessa to like food we like, so food she doesn’t want, we will enjoy finishing up anyway. Heh.

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