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Listen To Google Listening On You

Some of us worry that Google, Facebook, and others too, know too much about us. For example, do they listen to us? Like, for example, every time you voice something to Google with “Okay Google”, what happens? They record it, apparently. That’s the bad news. The good news is, Google lets you listen to everything they’ve heard from you.

You can go to Google’s Voice & Audio Activity page and check out all the voice and audio inputs that you’ve sent to Google. You can listen to each recording, every one of those “Okay Google” moments. Google provides a transcript of what you had said too. Then, you can delete any one of them. You can also delete by day, by date range, or everything in their entirety. Completely.

If you’ve ever said something “wrong”, and it got caught by Google, now you can go and delete that recording.

It’s perhaps a bit worrying for some people that any of these gets recorded and stored in the cloud. But at least Google is transparent about it, letting you review the recordings, and giving the option to delete them. I don’t know if Apple’s Siri provides such an option.

While you’re checking out your voice recordings, look around the Google History site. There are more things you can review:

  • Web and App Activity
  • Device Information
  • Location History
  • YouTube Watch History
  • YouTube Search History

The Location History, if turned on in your smartphone or tablet, records everywhere you’ve been. It knows the overseas trips you’ve made.

Read more at the Independent.

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