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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh

Apart from their budget-friendly Android smartphones, many of us also know Xiaomi for their affordable battery power banks. Their first Mi Power Bank, with 10000 mAh capacity, launched in 2014 at just S$13.99. They’ve since adjusted the price up to S$22, still very price competitive. They’ve also several other models with various capacities, including this 20000 mAh one launched last year.

This 20000 mAh model is Xiaomi’s largest capacity yet. Like other products from this Chinese manufacturer, this power bank is well-designed, well-built, and good value for money.

Like the 16000 mAh model, this 20000 mAh power bank has two Type-A outputs capable of delivering 2.1 A output each, or 3.6 A total combined. The power bank itself is charged via a Micro-USB input.

While their previous power banks had used aluminium bodies, the new 20000 mAh uses ABS plastic. Some people may equate plastic to lower quality, but this isn’t the case with the Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh. In fact, I kind of prefer this plastic. I know, the aluminium looks and feels good, but I worry that they would scratch the surfaces of other gadgets I store with the power bank. The new ABS plastic body would remove any of that damage risk.

A textured pattern on the ABS plastic makes it easy to grip the batter bank. The case is also scratch resistant, and resistant to heat up to 90°C. Of course the battery doesn’t get that how in normal use.

The switch to plastic also likely helped lighten the 20000 mAh power bank quite a bit. Consider this. The 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank weighs 207 g, so two of it weights 414 g. The 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank, however, weighs only 338 g. You get lots of power, but not get weighed down that much.

Like all the other Mi Power Bank, this is not at all like a cheap knock-off power bank. The power bank uses lithium-ion polymer batteries supplied by Panasonic/LG. Texas Instruments chips provide multiple layers of circuit protection, including short-circuit protection, input over-voltage protection, output over-current/over-voltage protection, automatic charger protection, and overcharge and over-discharge protection. In short, this power bank is made to be safe.

The 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank supports rapid charging at 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. It takes 3 hours to charge this power bank to 11000 mAh, and 7 hours to fully charge. Xiaomi says this power bank can charge an iPhone 6 7 times, an iPad mini 3 times, and even the 12-inch MacBook 1.2 times. Unfortunately, while you can charge this power bank rapidly, it doesn’t support Quick Charging output.

Xiaomi includes a flat Type-A to Micro-USB cable in the box.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh is available from Lazada at S$45.90.


The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh packs lots of capacity, but doesn’t weigh that much. New ABS plastic body won’t scratch your other gadgets.


  • Enormous capacity, with two Type-A ports
  • Well built and good quality


  • Does not support Quick Charging on output

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