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One Zinger Burger to Go

“Just one Zinger burger to go.”

“Okay. Having here?”

“No, to go.”

“Having here?”

Okay, she doesn’t understand “to go”. Alright, perhaps most of us would say “take away” or even “packet”.

Singaporeans are shopping too much. I went to this “neighbourhood” shopping centre. It’s one of those smaller places (no cinemas…). But car park was full. I wanted to check out the N95 8GB at SingTel hello! store, maybe even to get one. But goodness, the queue to get a queue number was so long! Can’t they do something about it?

I thought M1 was bad enough. You also queue to get a number, though thankfully not that long, but then you’d still have to wait maybe 1.5 hrs. That happened for me at Paragon, more than once, when I went there to shop for a handset.

Funnily enough, last night while I noticed both the SingTel hello! store and M1shop was so congested and overflowing with people, the Starhub roadshow at the atrium area was quite sparse. Starhub’s just not getting enough customers?

(I might consider Starhub if only they had better coverage. Both my workplace and home don’t get no signal from Starhub!)

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