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My Poor Baby

Oh no, my poor baby has chicken pox. Just prior to her 6th month birthday, she was diagnosed with Grade 2 VUR. Now, just one day before her 7th month birthday, she has the chicken pox. It’s only just beginning, so she’s not quite affected yet. But I can imagine she’d become quite irritated by the itchiness and fever in the days to come. Hopefully she’s still too young to know how to scratch her poxes.

I wonder what’s the logic. The doctor said not to take the medicine yet, because the chicken pox is still in its very early stages. Wait for more poxes to appear, then start giving the medicine. Are we trying to avoid nipping the chicken pox before it becomes full blown? But if we can nip it early, why not? Is that because then the immunity to chicken pox wouldn’t be built up? Hmm, but if it comes around again, we can just nip it early again eh? I wasn’t at the clinic, so didn’t get to find out. Wonder if anyone knows. 🙂

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