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Half Year Old Vanessa

Vanessa’s 6 months old today. Even though we’re still quite at the beginning, it’s really a milestone too. Today Vanessa had another round of vaccination (how sad to get a jab for her birthday present…). Our regular PD was out on an emergency call, so we had to see another doctor. Hmm this one wasn’t so good with giving jabs. Vanessa cried, and left with a bloodied plaster. Must take note to avoid this doctor if possible.

I wanted to post an update on Vanessa’s development, but I just did that three days ago, so there isn’t really anything new to add now. She was 7.694 kg one month ago, and she’s 7.795 kg today.

Sadly, we just learnt she’d need long-term low dose antibiotics medication for the next year or so. The good news is, well, all she needs for now is medication. She has been diagnosed with Grade 2 VUR. Raising a kid is scary. There are so many things that can happen, so many things that you cannot control. In contrast, adulthood seems so much more manageable, unless of course you have a baby to worry about.

2 thoughts on “Half Year Old Vanessa

  1. Yes, perfectly understand what you wrote about raising a kid is scary. Mine is one month younger than yours. And I am constantly worrying about her too.
    Nevertheless, the joys kids bring is endless. Continue on your good work!

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