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USB Memory Drive Cufflinks

James Bond would have found these useful. Even loved them. Perhaps Ethan Hunt too. These cufflinks look exquisite on dress shirts. But a secret feature within them turns these cufflinks into a working USB flash drive. It’s really cool when you need to surreptitiously carry a flash drive, or just in case you need one in a hurry.

These cool Voute cufflinks from Eminence Cufflinks are the the real sort of cufflinks, ones you actually wear with your dress shirts. They are plated in luxurious 18k gold. The classic rectangular shape is easy match with any wardrobe, and its posh colour works even for the most formal of events.

Where these Voute cufflinks get rather interesting is its embedded flash drive capabilities. Secured magnetically, you can simply pull out the smallish flash drive.

It’s a pretty standard USB Type-A flash drive. It’s not huge, just 8 GB capacity, but that could be large enough in a pinch.

If 8 GB isn’t enough, or one flash drive isn’t enough, well, you have two of them! Both pieces of the cufflinks are flash drives.

The main body of the cufflinks measure 20 x 15 x 7 mm. It might seem a tad clunky, but hey, it just means there’s more bling!

You can buy these Voute cufflinks from Eminence Cufflinks at just S$128. Several shipping modes are available, ranging from free with standard SingPost shipping to $10 for same-day courier service.

Eminence Cufflinks also sells numerous other cufflinks online. There are classic designs as well as other novelty ones. The novelty designs are really cool too, and they include Lego blocks, Iron Man head, and Captain America’s shield. Do check them out!

ps: The Voute cufflinks in this review were sponsored by Eminence Cufflinks.

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