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Sneak Peek At Razer X Lazada Surprise Box

Lazada turns three years old this month. To celebrate, they will be selling Surprise Boxes from 21st to 23rd March, for just $29, but containing products said to be worth at least $100. The contents of the Surprise Boxes are secret (sort of), but you at least get to choose the type of Surprise Box, based on leading brands from the likes of JBL, Sennheiser, and others.

I got the Razer X Lazada box for this review. There are three items in the box, and I’m going to share details about two of them with you. The third item will remain unknown for now, so that the Surprise Box will be, well, still a surprise when you get it!

The Surprise Boxes span different product categories. It’s not just technology gadgets. The list of brands, across all product categories, include: Laneige, Razer, Neutrogena, JBL, SanDisk, Eucerin, Philips Avent, Kinohimitsu, Lenovo, Blackmores, 3M, Taka Jewellery, Sennheiser, Logitech, Nivea and Maybelline. You should check out my Lazada affiliate link tomorrow.

Coming back to the Razer X Lazada box, this is something that will excite computer gamers. The first item I’ll reveal is the Razer Abyssus 2000 and Goliathus Control Fissure bundle.

Just to be sure you’re getting a really good deal, this bundle sells for $59.90 at Challenger, or perhaps a little less with some member discounts. So, clearly, Lazada’s $29 Surprise Box deal is really good even if this is the only item you’re gunning for.

The Abyssus 2000 mouse is a wired mouse with a very high-resolution 2,000 dpi optical sensor. There are two hyper-responsive programmable buttons built for up to 10 million clicks. The centre rubber-textured scroll-wheel provides excellent scroll control, and doubles up as a clickable centre button.

The Abyssus 2000’s form factor makes it workable for ambidextrous game play.

While the Abyssus 2000 may be an entry-level mouse, I’ve found it’s handling to be excellent. You do also get a glowing Razer logo in the palm rest to add to the cool look!

The Goliathus Control mouse pad is about 10.5-inch by 8.5-inch in size. The fabric material is made with a heavily textured weave, which makes it ideal for improved mouse control. The frame is stitched for anti-fraying, so you needn’t worry about the edges wearing out over time.

I already use another edition of the Goliathus mouse mat! Notice the new Goliathus Control from the bundle in this review placed over my old Goliathus Speed mat in the photo above!

The Razer Abyssus 2000 and Goliathus Control Fissure bundle also comes with some Razer stickers.

The next item in the Razer X Lazada box is something, truly, for Razer gaming fans. It’s the Razer L33t Pack. For fans, these are really important paraphernalia. I mean, like, you really need that do-not-disturb door hanger for your room door right?

There are seven items in the pack: A lanyard, keychain, that all important door hanger, a coaster, sticker, a stack of tattoos, and a dog tag.

In case DND is too polite for you, the other side of the door hanger says GTFO.

This cool l33t pack doesn’t seem to be available in the Singapore Razer store, but in their US store, it lists for US$19.99.

Then, of course, there’s the mystery third item you’ll get to find out when you buy the Razer X Lazada box at $29. Remember, just the Abyssus 2000 and Goliathus Control Fissure bundle alone, worth about $60, already makes the deal really sweet.

Do remember that the Razer X Lazada box is available for three days, starting at 12 midnight on 21st March. Please use this Lazada affiliate link.

Lazada’s 3rd Birthday campaign also includes numerous other deals, with up to 90% off and over 300 flash deals.

New Lazada customers can use the “WOWLZS18” promo code to enjoy 18% discount (capped at $8).

Have fun shopping and celebrating with Lazada tomorrow! Head over to: Lazada affiliate link

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