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Sudio Vasa Blå Review

With 3.5 mm headphone ports slowly starting to disappear on some new smartphones, it’s perhaps time people seriously looked at Bluetooth wireless options, even if you didn’t really fancy them in the past. The good news, of course, is that there are already many to choose from, and plenty good too, like this Sudio Vasa Blå that Sudio Sweden sent me recently.

Sudio is a Swedish earphones company that has in recent years gained some attention with their beautifully designed earphones. They do make headphones too, the Regent, which I will review in another post.

The Vasa Blå reviewed here is the current flagship Bluetooth wireless earphones that boasts an incredible eight hour battery life, 10-minutes quick charging function, and offers studio quality sound.

While some earphones are now totally free, the Vasa Blå still has the conventional wire that connects between the left and right earpieces. I do actually prefer these style of earphones. The wires between the earpieces provide some assurance that the earpieces themselves won’t fall off and so easily disappear into the abyss. I always worry about those truly wire-free ones.

The Sudio Vasa Blå definitely makes a great impression. You see, the box itself is so pretty. The pretty red bow and ribbon is just decoratively affixed onto the sturdy box, but I do have to them credit for a really beautiful packaging.

In the box, you’ll find a beautiful leather pouch matching the colour of the Vasa Blå earphones, which are available in four colours, Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue, and Pink. You’ll also get a rUSB charging cable, a clip which you can attach the earphone’s wire to your clothes, and a total of five silicon ear tips. I do wish they had provided Comply foams though.

The main star, the Vasa Blå earphones, is neatly coiled up and secured with a velcro wire wrap.

The Vasa Blå, not unexpectedly, is beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing. Sudio says these earphones are handcrafted in small batches, reflecting the detailed attention to their manufacturing. There’s nothing fancy with the design, but the simplicity speaks elegance. The gold earpieces housing the drivers within contrasts with the colour on the cable, the colours which you can choose to fit your preference.

If I had to complain about something, the cable and controls seem to be quite disjoint from the earpiece in terms of the design and quality. The material feels cheap, and the plasticky controls aren’t helping.

On the other hand, the flat cable does help keep them from tangling easily.

The controls are down from the right earpiece. You have the standard up/next, down/back, and pause/play buttons. The buttons aren’t physically distinct, but the markings are etched out enough that you should be able to feel them with your fingers. A microphone on the controls allows you to take calls on the Vasa Blå.

Down the cable below the left earpiece, there’s a battery pack, with a rubber flap covering the Micro-USB port. Oh yes, all the rubbery material helps to keep everything sweat-proof, though I’m not sure how the earpieces them would stand up to perspiration.

The battery pack is big enough to house a battery that’ll last an impressive eight hours. I would have preferred the battery pack to be styled and sized the same as the controls, for a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Sudio said these Vasa Blå have studio quality sound. Of course, sound quality is going to be subjective, and it depends on how discerning a listener you are. But the short version of my verdict is, the Vasa Blå are clearly above average, and in fact, great considering its price category.

Most earphones don’t excel in the bass. While the Vasa Blå can be said to have good bass presence, it’s just that, you can hear the bass pretty well. However, it sounds a little muddy, and it lacks punch. Now, this could be good enough bass for some people, but it may not cut it for more demanding listeners.

Moving up, the mids start to reveal more details. Vocals come out strong and clear. The highs are even more enjoyable, at least in terms of clarity and definition. I would love for them to be tuned brighter though. Soundstage is good, better than what I’d expect in earphones.

At this point, I want to put the sound quality critique in context. Overall, the Vasa Blå are really decent earphones when you consider the price category it sits in. You are surely going to find better earphones, but you will certainly pay much more for them.

The Vasa Blå are priced at S$165, but shipping to Singapore qualifies for a 20% tax rebate. Furthermore, if you enter “zitseng” coupon code, you get another 15% discount, giving a final net price of just S$112.20. This is inclusive of free express shipping! Order online at Sudio Sweden.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive one free limited edition white marble phone case per order (phone models: iPhone 6/6+/7/7+, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7).


Sudio Vasa Blå Bluethooth wireless earphones are really elegantly designed, and sound way better than what you’d expect in its price category.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent battery life


  • Plasticky controls

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