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Baby In A Snowstorm Here In Singapore

16122008078Here’s baby Vanessa caught in her first ever snowstorm right here in Singapore… at Tanglin Mall’s outdoor Christmas tree area of course. Vanessa doesn’t seem to enjoy it very much though. Maybe she was getting tired too. Actually all the bubbly foam wasn’t all that fun either once you find yourself drenched in slippery soapy liquid.

We weren’t quite prepared for the “mess”. Others came with raincoats, swimsuits, goggles, etc. We didn’t quite expect to need protective gear to enjoy this snow.

The “snow” was somewhat of an anti-climax anyway. It started with foam being sprayed out on the floor. Then later they had jet fans to blow the foam up into the air. It kind of looks like a snowstorm. Except that there wasn’t nice ice flakes falling down. Just soap.

Why don’t they have indoor snow? Like at Venus Fort (shopping centre) in Odaiba, Japan. We were there. They had “snow” (foam again of course) fall from a high ceiling. At Tanglin Mall, they had to shoot tremendous amounts of foam because they did so from the ground and had to work against gravity. So you just end up with a tremendous mess of foam. But at Venus Fort, just the right amount of form falls gently down. Nice effect. You could easily do this in any Singapore shopping centre. Particularly since many shopping centres here like huge void spaces with high ceilings. (If some shopping centre in Singapore decides to take up this idea, can I get credit and be paid?)

We need to have some real snow in Singapore. Two weeks in a year.

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