Fish & Chips for Vanessa

14122008820“Wow, all this food for me?” I was sharing this Fish & Chip dinner with Vanessa at Pasta Cafe in Takashimaya. The fish was nice and fresh. Vanessa was quite happy with all the food in front of her. Particularly since she was shocked by her two miserable morsels of fish at Raffles Town Club previously.

Vanessa likes the chips a lot. When you chop up pieces of fish and pieces of chips, and serve them to her in her own dish, you’d find most of the chips gone before she tackles the fish. She likes the fish too, but definitely chips more. What’s so fascinating about chips? Haha. I think I must have liked chips a lot too when I was younger. But nowadays I don’t understand why. Must be getting old huh. But 20 months is a little young to be hooked on chips?

01122008512I love the photo of Vanessa’s shocked look at her big plate containing just two tiny morsels of fish. Here’s the full photo again. This baby seems very much into eating eh.

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