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Christmas Feasting

20122008907There are many things about Christmas. Feasting is one of them. I suppose it is an excuse to get together to feast on our favourite foods. Yes, it doesn’t have to be made up of turkey, honey baked ham and puddings. We can have our local version of Christmas dinner filled with roast suckling pig, roast pork belly, otah, popiah, etc.

Speaking of turkey… this year is one of the rare times I had turkey that was quite good tasting. I usually don’t find turkeys nice, because they tend to be dry, tough and not very tasty. But this time, there is this one turkey that is tender, juicy and quite tasty. Usually we’d have lots of leftovers of the turkey… this time, not much.

Here are some photos of selected food stuffs we had at one of the dinners. (There were more foods, but I was probably too busy eating to take all the photos…)

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