Baby Doesn’t Like Ronald McDonalds

251220081036I don’t know why, but Vanessa really doesn’t like Ronald McDonald. Several times we had a family outing to the McDonald’s outlet at King Albert Park, I try to put her on the lap of Ronald McDonald (the statue, that is). There are two statues there on the steps up to McDonald’s. She’ll cling on tightly to me, and refuses to even touch Ronald McDonald. It’s like she’s terrified of him. Maybe it’s the statue… looks like a person, yet too unreal to be a person.

But Vanessa’s happy with the McDonald’s fast food restaurant itself. Her favourites are probably the french fries and ice cream cone. We were all kids before, and probably most of us also loved french fries and ice cream. Now that we’ve grown up… I’m not totally fascinated by french fries or ice cream. There are so many other yummy foods to eat. I’ve been wondering why do kids like french fries and ice cream? Could it be because they’ve not experienced that many other varieties of yummy foods out there?

Some times the McDonald’s staff will offer a balloon to Vanessa. She’s quite shy to take it, but once she has the balloon in her hands… she’ll start whacking people on their head with her balloon!

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