Eating Out With Vanessa

271220081115Bringing Vanessa out for meals is quite an entertaining activity. She loves eating, and she has so many varied expressions surrounding food and food activities. Like this one at MOS Burger, she’s looking so earnestly for her french fries to arrive. Yah, that is definitely one of her favourite food.

One of my favourite Vanessa “food picture” is this one of her starring at her dinner plate containing only two miserable pieces of fish. She looks so horrified that there is so little fish for her!

Anyway, back to the MOS Burger outing. So the French Fries arrive. What must you do before digging into the food? Yes, must say grace first!

271220081113Well, she wasn’t actually saying grace, but she sure looks like she’s doing it. Ok, so after saying grace, can we start eating?

271220081110Yes! Now she’s happy munching away the french fries.

One thing that Vanessa is obsessed about at restaurants is the menu. She often won’t let go of the menu. She even looks through the menu as if she really understands what she wants to order. See: Vanessa at Crystal Jade and Vanessa at Delifrance.

281220081130The menu doesn’t even need to have pictures. See this one taken a few days ago at Old Town White Coffee. It’s one of those wordy menu on a piece of paper where you tick your order. Yes, and Vanessa is trying to do some ticking. No, you cannot take the paper away from her. You can’t borrow the pencil either. So sometimes, we actually have to ask for more menus if the only set we have is hogged by Vanessa.

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  1. Lovely daughter, you are lucky parent, a child is a miracle, every single movement that she make
    can make you feel excited.

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