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My Adorable Vanessa

Vanessa is exactly 9 months old today! Yet another milestone in her babyhood. She is getting more and more adorable each day (not that she wasn’t previously, but you know when she grows up she becomes adorable in new ways). Particularly since lately she’s been in the mood to want Daddy to carry her. I think most of last month Daddy was mostly a carrier to transport her from point A to point B.

A few days ago we went to Bistro Delifrance. See the photo? It looks like she’s been reading the menu and begging “Please can I order some food? What, you mean I don’t get anything? But it is only $2!”

Over the New Year holiday period, we’ve been bringing her to the park. She likes to go out. But I think, probably, between park and shopping centre, she prefers shopping centre. 🙂 Naughty girl, so young yet already cultivating a passion for shopping!

Some baby update: She’s getting to be quite a good crawler nowadays. Favourite destination is my toilet. In particular, the rug in my toilet. The label of the rug in my toilet. She likes to chew it. Weird. I think my two dogs Rascal and Phoebe are getting quite amused by yet another living being crawling around with them.

Also, Vanessa’s beginning to try standing. She can get up to standing position on her own, holding on to her baby barrier. In fact, she’s even taking a few steps along the baby barrier. Before long, Rascal and Phoebe will have a living being chasing them around the house! Haha.

Well, the new year has started, we’re back to work, and now having less time for baby…

1 thought on “My Adorable Vanessa

  1. hi,

    Vanessa is so cute now. Her baby photo look like a boy….but now beautiful, pretty & cute girl.

    I have a niece who is now 2.5yrs old, same as Vanessa , they are both so adorable.

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