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USB-C Cables and Adapters

The USB Type-C (USB-C) specs were finalised in 2014, and products begun to ship in 2015. My first USB-C device as a Google Nexus 5X from 2015. Since then, I’ve gained a plethora of USB-C devices, cables, and adapters. I’m still finding myself needing more cables and adapters, and I’ve here two items from Choetech and Anker.

First up, I want to mention the CHOETECH 2-in-1 USB Type C+Micro USB Cable (2-Pack, Straight + Coiled). This is a pack of two cables, one is a standard straight cable, and the other is a sprint coiled cable. Both are roughly 1.2 metres long.

The spring coiled cable is convenient for its easy cable management, such as when used in a vehicle. You get a reasonable length cable when stretched out, but when not in use, the cable tidies up after itself.

The main feature of these cables is that while one end has the standard USB Type-A plug for connecting to a power source or USB host device, the other end terminates in a Micro-USB plug, with a cabled attachment to a Micro-USB to USB Type-C plug adapter. These cables can be used with both Micro-USB and USB-C devices easily, and you don’t have to worry about losing that Micro-USB to USB-C adapter. It’s also more convenient than having to bring around two different types of cables.

All connectors are gold-plated to provide maximum conductivity and built with sturdy aluminium. A built-in a 56 Kohm resistor ensures safe fast charging at maximum 2.4 A. This cable works for sync and data transfers too.

The other item is the 2-pack Anker Micro-USB to USB-C Adapter. Nothing fancy about this one. The notable feature of this Anker adapter is its compact, minimalist, size.

This adapter works for both charge and sync, and includes a 56 Kohm resistor for safe fast charging operations.

To verify the USB-C operations, I’ve tested these cables and adapters with my Pixel 2 XL, connected to the 2013 MacBook Pro, as well as charging from an Aukey USB Wall Charger. The cables and adapters perform as expected.

I find it always handy to have some cables and adapters around, at home and at work. These items from Choetech and Anker are reasonably priced and work properly.

The CHOETECH 2-in-1 USB Type C+Micro USB Cable (2-Pack, Straight + Coiled) is available from Amazon (affiliate link) for US$12.99, while the [2 in 1 Pack] Anker Micro USB to USB C Adapter is available from Amazon (affiliate link) for US$6.99. Shipping charges to Singapore applies.

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