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A Cooler Singapore

It’s been raining lots in Singapore. In fact, it’s been raining so much the last many years that many of us joke about the passing of numerous 50-year-periods so quickly. Last night’s temperature fell to 22°C, which is somewhat unusual. It actually felt really cool, or some might have considered cold, last evening. NEA’s forecast for today’s weather is the same 22°C low.

The forecast I see on my Android smartphone is for a 23°C low, and this same low will continue through Sunday. Good news, I suppose, for those wishing we had a cooler Singapore? At 23°C, it’s almost like we’ve moved the whole island of Singapore into an indoor air-conditioned building.

At times like this, I suppose you’d wonder if global warming is real. The hottest temperatures in the last century or so occured in the last couple of years. But there have been really cold spells too. While I understand that the cold can also be an effect of global warming, but simplistically speaking, you’d expect global warming to mean hotter temperatures eh?

I’ve been holidaying in December last year, in a far cooler climate, and much snow in some parts. The kids enjoyed the snow tremendously. For me, even though I can understand some of the problems that snow can bring, I’d still like to have some snow. In fact, I like to dream that we could have a bit of snow in Singapore.

Snow might be too far-fetched, but it’s definitely nice to have a cooler Singapore. No need to be too wet though. Too much rain is inconvenient, even without MRT breakdowns and *ahem* ponding.

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  1. Global warming isn’t just about “warming” temperatures, it causes more extreme weather changes such as record highs and lows as well.

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