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Logitech MX Sound Review

Logitech’s latest Bluetooth desktop speaker offering is the MX Sound launched in October last year. The MX Sound offers a stylish design, premium feel, and a compact form-factor to complement your desktop PC environment. It’ll make for an excellent upgrade over integrated PC or monitor speakers, while also allowing you to stream music from your mobile device.

With 24 watts of peak power (12 watts RMS), the MX Sound has more than enough power for any desktop listening experience, and a bit more. High-end drivers combined with a unique port tubes extend the bass range of the speakers.

Each speaker measures 160 x 160 x 83.4 mm (HxWxD) and weighs 1.72 kg. The left and right speakers are connected together by an audio cable, with the left side fixed and the right side using an RCA connector.

All other connections are on the right speaker. This includes, from left, a headphone port, power input, the above-mentioned RCA connection to the left speaker, a 3.5 mm audio input for your PC, and an additional 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input. That extra 3.5 mm audio input comes in handy if you’ve other wired audio sources to connect apart from your PC.

The speaker controls are cleverly hidden behind the fabric on the right speaker. They are not visible ordinarily, but a proximity sensor detects your approaching hand to light up the controls from behind the fabric. There is a Bluetooth pairing button, and the volume up and down buttons.

Although the the button controls are touch-sensitive, they do require firm action. Given the slight tilt, and roundish form of the MX Sound which makes it inherently unstable, this push causes the speakers to shift around.

Setting up the MX Sound is simple and straight-forward. Bluetooth performance is excellent, with good connection maintained with my mobile device even from outside the room.

In terms of audio quality, the MX Sound is clearly an upgrade over any integrated PC or monitor speaker. The bass presence is pretty good, particularly considering this is a desktop speaker without a dedicated subwoofer. However, beyond that, I find the audio quality to be middling. There is good stereo separation, but mids come across a little murky, and the highs are subdued. This speaker will serve well for casual PC, gaming, and movie use, it will not offer audiophile grade quality.

The Logitech MX Sound is available at a suggested retail price of S$149.


The Logitech MX Sound is a stylish compact Bluetooth desktop speaker that will


  • Bluetooth support with good signal range
  • Additional two 3.5 mm audio inputs
  • Stylish design


  • Unstable base

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