The Mac’s 25th Anniversary

200807203584I’m surprised there isn’t any fanfare. But apparently, Apple’s flagship product Macintosh celebrates its 25th anniversary today. The Macintosh brought to the market a user-friendly GUI. It wasn’t the first. It wasn’t even Apple’s first (Apple launched the overpriced Lisa a year before the Macintosh). But the Macintosh was made for the mass-market, captured the attention of consumers, and stood the test of time.

There are a few small bits of media coverage of this 25th anniversary: 25 Years of Mac Coverage in PCMag, The top 10 standout Macs of the past 25 years, The Mac at 25. But there is no mention of it on Apple’s own website.

Apple should have every reason to be proud. In this time of financial turmoil and economic gloom, they just posted their best ever yet quarterly financial result. They crossed for the first time US$10 billion revenue, achieving US$10.17 billon with net profit of US$1.61 billion. This is simply amazing.

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