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Filmgarde Cinema with 3D Sound

If you stay in the east, you may have followed the excitement around the re-opening of Century Square mall. The cinema at the mall is back in operation, but this time under another operator, Filmgarde, who has brought some improvements to the cinema experience.

Filmgarde’s big announcement with regard to their Century Square cinema halls is the debut of the next generation of immersive sound technology AuroMax. The AuroMax technology is installed in all the cinema halls at Century Square, the only ones of any cinemas in Singapore.

AuroMax is confidently positioned as the ultimate immersive sound system on the market, creating a natural 3D listening experience, allowing Singapore’s audience to feel as though they are right within the picture.

Unlike other sound systems, AuroMax uses additional layers of speakers in the cinema hall. A significant benefit for movie-goers is that the sweet-spot in the hall is greatly expanded. Instead of just one seat in the centre of the hall that hears sound perfectly, AuroMax technology divides the hall into multiple zones so that more people can hear the sound just right.

Movies screened at Filmgarde’s Century Square cinema halls do not cost more. This means you can enjoy AuroMax technology at the same price as the usual tickets at standard cinema halls.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience the AuroMax technology, especially with the current screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Make a date to checkout Filmgarde Century Square.

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