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Logitech MK850 Performance Keyboard and Mouse Review

I often work with multiple computers concurrently at work. For that purpose, a single set of keyboard and mouse that can switch between multiple computers, like the Logitech MK850 Performance, is very convenient and versatile. It is otherwise quite impractical to wrestle with multiple keyboards and mice.

I had already been using the Logitech K375s keyboard and M720 mouse. I wasn’t too happy with the K375s, primarily because it was just a tad inconvenient to switch between host computers. The device switching keys were shared with function keys. One or the other will require a modifier key to activate, and while I could choose which one would need the modifier, either one would still be inconvenient.

The M720 mouse, on the other hand, worked much better. I still have a small, really small, little complaint about the device selection key, but the mouse on the whole was very nice.

With the M720 in mind, I was quite pleased to chance upon the Logitech MK850 Performance keyboard and mouse. You see, the MK850 is essentially the M720 mice paired with a keyboard that, as far as I can find, unique to the MK850 combo, and isn’t sold separately.

I won’t write about the MK850 mouse all over again from, since it’s essentially the same as the M720 I wrote previously. However, just to recap a little bit, this is a wireless mouse that supports both Bluetooth and Logitech’s unifying receiver. The mouse has a clickable and tilt-able fast-scrolling wheel, forward and backward buttons, and a thumb-squeeze side.

The MK850 keyboard worked very well, and I especially liked that it has dedicated device switching keys. I don’t have to choose between bad and worse like the shared device switching keys on the K375s.

Like the M720, the MK850 keyboard switches between three host devices, using either Bluetooth or Logitech’s unifying receiver, one of which is included with the MK850. It supports Mac, Windows, Android and iOS host devices. The Windows/Alt keys and Alt/Cmd keys are laid out correctly for Windows and Mac, something that some other keyboards force you to compromise with a wrong layout for one or the other OS.

The MK850 keyboard is spacious and comfortable. I did find the keys a bit squishy initially. I wasn’t impressed at that time, and didn’t really want to write this review then. However, after some “wear in”, I started to like the feel of the keys quite a lot. This doesn’t have the goodness of a mechanical keyboard, but it’s definitely better than decently average. The slightly concave keys have enough sufficient travel, the pressure is right, and the tactile feedback is good.

It’s not very noticeable, but the MK850 keyboard has a contoured profile that promotes a more ergonomic keyboarding experience. I find the small bump makes only a small difference in comfort. On the other hand, people who don’t like large bumps may find this subtle contour more satisfying.

The soft fabric wrist pad is comfortable, though I worry about keeping it clean after extended use.

The Logitech Options software, available for both Mac and Windows, offers a couple of interesting features with the MK850. First, the Logitech Flow is a pretty nifty feature that lets you move your mouse pointer from the display of one computer to another, with the keyboard following to that computer, as if the multiple displays were simply the extended desktops of each other. This even works across Mac and Windows computers. All computers need to be on the same network for the feature to work.

The other nice feature is Logitech DuoLink. Using the function key on the keyboard, you can modify the behaviour of the mouse movements and gestures.

Apart from the keyboard and mouse itself, and the aforementioned unifying receiver, the MK850 also comes with a USB extension cable so that you can extend the unifying receiver to a more suitable location on your desk.

The Logitech MK850 Performance keyboard and mouse combo is available at around S$125 (where I got from Lazada).

If you’re one who has to use multiple computers concurrently, you’ll understand that multiple keyboards and mice are not only just inconvenient, but also uncomfortable since you can’t position all  of them “just right” on your desk. The Logitech MK850 Performance is an excellent solution in such scenarios.

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