Nokia N82 Does Not Stand Out

Nokia N82No, unfortunately, I don’t think the Nokia N82 stands out after all. Although just simply based on technical specifications the N82 seems like a worthy challenger to Nokia’s premium N95 8GB, it’s a different story once you start comparing usability features. Of course, usability is a subjective matter, so let’s agree to disagree if you disagree with me, alright?

First, the main number keys are too small. They are slightly raised, so it isn’t all that bad, but it is still not good. If you are going to text a lot, these keys do not cut it. Then, the other keys (options, shortcut, exit…), other than the D-pad, are flat and flush with the surface. This makes it rather difficult to distinguish one from another. The D-pad doesn’t lend confidence either. So overall, the keys on the N82 fail miserably.

I’ve summed up previously that the N82 is essentially the N95 in a N73 form factor. Although I meant that as a compliment, unfortunately, it cuts the other way too: There is nothing remarkable about the N82’s appearance. It will get attention of those around you only because it is a “new phone”, not because it is a lovely outstanding new phone. Oh, and silver is so not “in” anymore. 😛

The 2.4″ display? I’ll tell you, once you’ve got a 2.8″ display, the 2.4″ is too small. If you’re going to do lots of web browsing, 2.4″ is too small. If you’ve got lots of photos to show off, videos to entertain you, 2.4″ is not enough. Actually, the display itself is rather dull too.

Finally, if you ever need to have the camera stand on its own to shoot photos or videos, you’re out of luck. The N82 will not stand on its own. It’s smooth rounded edges ensures the phone will fall flat.

So my conclusions: No N82 for me. (Of course if you want to give me a Xmas present, I would be glad to oblige!)

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4 Responses to Nokia N82 Does Not Stand Out

  1. I am glad that I have made the switch to N82 from N95. Smsing on N82 with 1 hand is much easier when compared to N95, which involves a balancing act.

    If you are going to do alot of web browsing, get an iphone instead. It’s painful to do web browsing on both N95 and N82.

  2. I just got my N82 today. It is still charging at the moment. Will be looking forward to testing the “wow” functions tomorrow.

    I do agree the buttons are too small for my taste. I got huge fingers! Wonder if the camera is as good as Nokia claims it to be.

  3. I think the camera has to be better, especially when the flash is needed. 🙂

  4. I’ll take a few shots with the photo and upload somewhere to compare.

    Just sad that I do not have the time and N95 8G to compare with.

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