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Google Pixel 3 Fabric Phone Case

If you’re planning to get one of Google’s new Pixel 3 smartphones, you might want some protection for the all-glass front and back device. There are no doubt already a couple of options available, but one excellent case comes from none other than Google themselves, the Pixel 3 Fabric Phone Case.

Google offered the same Fabric Phone Case for last year’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and it’s pretty much the same case for this year’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. I have the Pixel 3 XL case, to go along with the Pixel 3 XL which I will have a hands-on review upcoming up real soon.

Although the Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 2 XL area extremely similar, they are, unfortunately, different enough that cases designed for the older device might not fit the newer one. Even if they do, you will find the cutouts would not align very well.

The body dimensions of both devices are the same, but the rear camera, fingerprint sensor, and side buttons are just a little bit higher on the Pixel 3 XL. I actually do find the Pixel 3 XL is thicker too, but the official dimensions listed in specifications say they are the same.

The Fabric Phone Case, as the name implies, features fabric material on the outside. The coarse, textured, nylon and polyester fabric is the same material found on the Google Home and Home Mini. This case is unique, and easily recognisable.

The internal case material itself is hard polycarbonate, which helps keep the case fairly light, yet durable.

The inward-facing surface of the case is lined with soft microfibre. This will ensure that the case itself will not scratch your Pixel 3 XL device.

As you should expect, the Fabric Phone Case is very well made, and it is a very exacting fit. The case does add a bit of thickness to the phone, although not to the extent that it feels clunky. The thickness is quite unavoidable if you want some decent protection.

The rear camera bump is quite adequately protected by the case, so you don’t have to worry about laying the Pixel 3 XL down on a flat surface.

On the front, however, there isn’t much of a lip to protect the glass. It’s probably alright to just take note not to set your phone facing downward, or, you can get a screen protector.

The fabric material may give cause for concern over difficulties with cleaning. Dirt and stains will be harder to clean off, and it’s not like you can easily wash them off. Google says you can use a damp cloth with a little mild soap to gently clean the fabric, then let dry at room temperature. You can also use a stain remover pen, but avoid harsh cleaners, rough scrubbing, or soaking for long periods.

Google’s Fabric Phone Case is one of the more unique, premium-looking, and very well-made case you can get. It’s available in four colours, Carbon, Indigo, Fog, and Pink Moon.

You can pre-order the Fabric Phone Case from the Google Store Singapore now. It retails at S$60 for both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL sizes.

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