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KFC Delivery Experience

280220092022We ordered KFC delivery today for an office event. It’s the first time for me. I think the order taking service could be very much improved. The first thing they needed was my address, so I gave it to them. They put me on hold, for almost like 5 minutes, before coming back just for a brief moment to tell me to wait a little longer. Then I was on hold again for a while. When they came back again, I quickly interrupted them and demanded to know why was I on hold for so long.

It turns out the problem was my address was not in their database. Why can’t she just type in my address? Oh it seems her supervisor is required to enter the address. Ok, why not just write it down first and sort out the database problem later?

The next “shock” was the delivery time. I was told that because my order exceeded $100, the delivery time is 1.5 hours. I understand that otherwise it is just 45 minutes. They take longer for “larger” orders. How ridiculous. It was not as if I was ordering a feast for hundreds of people. The order was just a little over $100, for a small little party of 18 people. So I asked, can I then split my order into two parts? Okay, but that would cost me an extra $3 delivery charge. This is just so stupid. Whether I make it one order or two orders, the total items would be the same. The kitchen has to do exactly the same amount of work, and the delivery guy would deliver the same thing. (Yes, the entire original order was eventually delivered by one guy on one motorbike.)

The entire ordering process took me over 10 minutes. Just three types of items in my order. It’s just too slow.

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