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Lazada X Tronsmart 12.12 Sale

The last major shopping event of the year, the 12.12 sale falling on 12th December, is coming up real soon as we draw to the close of 2018. This is your last chance to grab gifts for the year-end festive season. I’ve partnered with Lazada to do a partial reveal of the Lazada X Tronsmart Surprise Box in their 12.12 sale.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lazada Surprise Boxes, here’s a quick explanation. The Surprise Boxes contain mystery items, hence the surprise element. They each have a brand or theme, such as Tronsmart which I will share in this post. This gives you an idea of what might be in the box. The Surprise Boxes are sold at discounted prices of $29, $49, or $99, depending on the brand. The value of the items within will be over $100.

The Lazada X Tronsmart Surprise Box will sell at $29, and you can buy them at varying time slots during the Lazada 12.12 Campaign which runs from 10 to 12 December.

There are a total of three items in the Lazada X Tronsmart Surprise Box. I am revealing just one of the item, the Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 waterproof wireless speaker. This item, on its own, sells for $59.90 on Lazada right now.

The Tronsmart Element Splash speaker portable Bluetooth speaker. The disc shape speaker is about 10 cm in diameter and 4.5 mm high, and covered in a rugged soft rubber finish.

It is IP67 rated, so you can bring it to the shower, pool, or anywhere with water without worrying about water damage. Its 7 Watt speaker produces loud music with good bass.

While the Tronsmart Element Splash itself is a mono speaker, you can pair two of them together to work in stereo mode.

The controls on the Tronsmart Element Splash are on the side of the unit. They are large and clearly marked. You can play/pause music, adjust volume, and skip tracks.

You can also take calls with the Tronsmart Element Splash. The built-in microphone doesn’t seem to be very sensitive though, so I don’t imagine you’d want to use this for hands-free calls regularly. It is, however, convenient to have the option available.

On the underside, under a rubber seal, there’s a Micro-USB port for charging, and a microSD card slot.

Battery life on the Tronsmart Element Splash is rated for 10 hours.

If you’re keen to get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, do consider this Tronsmart Element Splash. It’s retail price currently at $59.90 makes the Lazada X Tronsmart Surprise Box already very attractive, since you only pay $29, but still get two other extra items in the box.

Do remember to watch out for the Lazada 12.12 sale.

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