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180320092264The 4th generation iPod Nano was launched in 9 colours. I used to think that 9 colours was too many colours. You don’t find notebooks (of the same model) in more than a handful of colours. Even car models are often not available in as many as 9 colours. Having 9 colours of iPod Nanos was a causing a problem: What colours to choose? Well I found out if you’re going to offer choices, then you can never have enough of them.

I chose purple. I think it is a rather unlikely choice. I started out not wanting purple. I imagine it would be blue, or green, or orange. Those would have been “attractive” colours. But when I saw the actual iPod Nanos, all the colours didn’t seem right. Neither did yellow. I could have gone with safe choices like black or silver, but then again, the colours were to safe. No pink, that’s for sure, and red didn’t really look all that interesting either. So I was left with purple. I started out being spoilt for choice, not knowing what to choose. I ended up with only one choice, so there wasn’t so much of a choice.

Then, a friend remarked, why purple? Then another, too. I was thinking, but why not?

So it turns out that everyone has different ideas about colours. You really need every colour in order to appeal to the whims and fancy of everyone. I think this is my first purple gadget.

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