Vanessa’s Birthday Party

030420092475Since she was down with suspected HFMD and had to be isolated at home, we had a simple birthday celebration for her at home on Friday night. Just Daddy, Mummy and Baby Vanessa. What’s for dinner? Pizza Hut! Hehe. Papa’s and Mummy’s favourite. I guess Vanessa enjoyed her simple dinner too. She got to watch her favourite TV programmes at the same time.

It turned out that her HFMD was a false alarm. We had to wait till Saturday to know for sure. So, unfortunately, she had to miss school on Friday. We had ordered a Tweety Bird birthday cake for her. We still sent the cake to her childcare centre for her classmates to share. But Vanessa couldn’t be there to share. She would have loved blowing the candles, cutting the cake, and I’m sure eating it too.

I don’t suppose the pizza dinner at home makes up for it, but I guess she’ll have to make do with it. She loved the garlic bread and chicken wings. We brought her out for lunch and dinner on Saturday too (yeah, after she was cleared of HFMD).

I think we, the parents, are glad the HFMD was a false alarm too. It would have been very tiring to look after Vanessa had she really been down with HFMD, and more so that our domestic helper had returned back to Philippines on home leave.

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