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Yacht Mary 3-D Puzzle

Ian was down with HFMD the last week or so. To be safe, both him and Vanessa were grounded at home. We try to keep them apart as much as possible so that, hopefully, Vanessa does not get infected. She had a false alarm with HFMD¬†previously. She doesn’t have any symptoms at all this time around.

Vanessa and Ian have been quite miserable to be stuck at home all day. Last evening, Vanessa was bugging me to fix up her 3-D puzzle. I had just bought it earlier in the day. I’ve seen a larger version of the same puzzle at another shop selling for somewhere close to $30. I thought it was much too expensive. While out shopping yesterday, I spotted the same puzzle going for $19.90, and the smaller version I eventually bought for $14.90.

The bigger version, apart from being larger in total dimensions, also had more pieces. The information printed on the box said it’ll take about 150-180 mins of assembly time. The smaller version would take 120-150 mins. I figured, the kids are not going to have that long an attentino span, so I’d better get the smaller version. Besides, it’ll be better that the completed model not take up too much space. Space is always precious. The less space these things take, the more of them I can build.

So Vanessa and I got started on the model. I think it’s still somewhat too advanced for her, so I had to do the reading up of instructions and most of the heavy assembly work. But Vanessa could help out removing pieces for me, and poking out the holes within the pieces. We went on and on. Not unexpectedly, her attention started to wane. It’s not entirely her fault, I guess, because there was something on TV and it was also demanding her attention.

Ian, wanted in too. I gave him the simplest of jobs. He doesn’t really know how we were trying to build the model, and I was much too afraid that in his carelessness he would end up tearing or breaking something. Most of the time I just told him to watch carefully so that he could do it the next time. It made him feel like he was doing something important so, well, he didn’t hound me too much.

After almost 1.5 hours (I think?), we were finally done. Under 90 mins. Ahead of the expected 120-150 mins. I suppose I ought to be doing it much faster than the expected audience. My first 3-D puzzle. It’s actually not complicated at all, it’s just a matter of following the instructions. Totally unlike doing, say, a jigsaw puzzle.

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