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Random Musings #3

I had kicked off a series of Random Musings posts at the end of last year, but hadn’t been keeping it going as frequently as I had intended. This is the 3rd instalment, and I want to use this post to share a couple of things about this blog.

This is a personal blog and I like to keep it that way. By personal, I don’t mean that I necessarily will write about private personal matters. It is personal, because it is something I own as an individual, and write based on my personal views and experience.

I am contacted frequently about sponsored posts, guest posts, and sponsored links. At this time, I do not publish sponsored posts or accept payments for writing any posts. I also do not publish guest posts. I do not accept payments for putting any links in my posts. I’ve updated my Advertising and Sponsorship page to provide more clarity on my position.

Another matter concerns the comment policy on my blog. Of late, there has been quite a bit of comments posted in languages other than English. Since this blog is published in English, I think it’s very reasonable to expect all comments be posted in English as well. I’m not sure if I would accommodate Chinese comments. The many recent comments, though not looking outright like spam, were in languages I can’t read, so unfortunately I had to bin them.

I do wonder if these were actually some sneaky attempt to pull off some SEO stunt using my blog. Google Translate can help me with the translation, but it just wasn’t worth my time to dig deeper.

Akismet has been a great help filtering spam comments. Some still slip through. To spammers, do note that I review every comment. Tactics that fool Akismet will not escape my scrutiny. If you post in a foreign language that I can’t understand, I’ll just bin the comment.

To all readers: Thank you for your interest in this blog. This is a hobby, but I strive to run this blog as professional as possible.

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