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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

There are many fancy, capable, and multi-function mice out there. Microsoft’s Surface Mobile Mouse isn’t in that category. Launched last year alongside the new Surface Go tablets, the Surface Mobile Mouse is designed to be a modern, functional, portable mouse for travel.

The Surface Mobile Mouse sports a design that may look quite familiar. It’s an updated version of their older Designer Bluetooth Mouse. There is also a variant currently available under the name of Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse.

I was on a search for a portable mouse that I can easily take around with me. My primary mouse, both at home and at work, is the Logitech M720 Triathlon. It is, however, a little bulky to travel with. I could use it if I have to, but it would be more convenient to have a flatter mouse.

The Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse caught my attention. It has a nice, modern, look. It is flat enough, so it can be easily packed into a gadget pouch. Yet, it is not too small, so I can still hold it comfortably. You might have encountered some travel mice that are too small to comfortably use, to the extent that just using the notebook’s trackpad might be more productive. (Unless, of course, your notebook has a trackpad that is even more uncomfortable to use.)

Apart from two buttons, and a body that is mostly all made of plastic, the Surface Mobile Mouse has a metallic scroll wheel. The buttons have a plasticky click, and the scroll wheel needs a little bit of firm pressure to move. I’m more used to scroll wheels that turn far more freely, but this is perhaps a matter of personal preference.

The Surface Mobile Mouse connects via Bluetooth, and it supports Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy. It is powered by 2x AAA batteries, rated to run for up to 12 months. The power and Bluetooth pairing button is located under the mouse.

The first “problem” with using this mouse was that the scroll wheel was scrolling in the wrong direction. Oh yes, it is correct for most people, but having been a long-time Apple user, I can only use “natural scroll”. Windows 10 just doesn’t have built-in support to invert the scroll direction. With my Logitech mice, the Logitech Options software lets me customise various actions, including the scroll direction.

A quick Google search on inverting the scroll on the Surface Mobile Mouse produces some excessively complicated instructions, even registry hacks. Fortunately, all I really need is the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app, which isn’t in the Microsoft Store, but a manual download from Microsoft’s website. There wasn’t even instructions in the box to suggest the availability of that software. Once you’ve the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app, you’ll find the option to invert the scroll, among other customisation features.

The Surface Mobile Mouse isn’t bad at all to use. While it certainly cannot compete with full-sized mice, it is a good compromise between size, comfort, and productivity on the road.

Selling for just S$54, the Microsoft Surface Mouse is also quite affordable. You can order from the Microsoft Store with free shipping.

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