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YouTube Premium and Music Arrives in SG

YouTube Music, and a premium subscription to YouTube and YouTube Music, are now available to Singapore users. You can now turn to YouTube for all your music and video streaming needs. Premium subscription, including family plans, are available for an ad-free streaming experience.

YouTube Music, along with its namesake mobile app, offers web and mobile music with official songs, albums, thousands of playlists and artist radio. Furthermore, you get access to YouTube’s tremendous catalogue of remixes, live performances covers and music videos that you cannot find anywhere else. This is the one place for all your music needs, simply organised, and personalised for you.

While all these are available for free in the ad-supported version of YouTube Music, a new paid subscription service, YouTube Music Premium, allows you to play songs and videos ad-free, and in the background. YouTube Music Premium also offers offline downloads.

Alongside YouTube Music Premium, you can now also subscribe to YouTube Premium. This gets you an ad-free version of YouTube, with videos you can download and play offline. You also get YouTube Music Premium as part of the YouTube Premium subscription.

Family plans are also available for both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. You can add up to five other members of your family to your family plan to enjoy the same experience, on their own personal account.

Here’s a summary of all these new services:

YouTube: The free ad-supported version of the world’s most popular video streaming and sharing platform.

YouTube Music: Just launched in Singapore, although already available in some other countries previously, this is a free ad-supported music stream service, similar in some ways to Spotify, but offers additional content from YouTube.

YouTube Music Premium: Get ad-free experience to YouTube Music for an individual account at S$9.98 a month. You can download music and play music in the background.

YouTube Premium: This is the ad-free version of YouTube. You also get YouTube Music Premium with this subscription, which costs S$11.98 a month.

YouTube Music Premium Family Plan: Extend your YouTube Music Premium experience to five other family members at S$14.98 a month.

YouTube Premium Family Plan: Extend your YouTube Premium experience to five other family members at S$17.98 a month.

(Prices above are for Google Play Store subscriptions. iOS users need to purchase via iOS App Store, where prices are S$12.98, S$19.98, S$15.98 and S$22.98 for YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Music Premium Family Plan, and YouTube Premium Family Plan, respectively.)

Similar subscription plans in the U.S. cost the same dollar amount, in U.S. dollars, so comparatively, the offering in Singapore is cheaper.

In fact, the YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Music Premium Family Plan are comparable to Spotify’s offerings in Singapore. YouTube, however, is able to one-up Spotify with ad-free videos for just a few more dollars. On the other hand, Spotify has been established in Singapore since 2013, so it may be a hard battle to convince existing Spotify users to switch to YouTube Music.

YouTube Music is positioned to replace another of Google’s music streaming service, Google Play Music. The latter is available in several countries, but not in Singapore.

Look out for my comparison between Spotify and YouTube Music in a later post!

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