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La Petite Cuisine

030620093005Nestled into a quiet corner of Serene Centre, which is itself a rather quiet little shopping centre at the corner of Farrer Road and Bukit Timah junction, is a little restaurant called La Petite Cuisine. We were there a couple of days ago for dinner. It’s a smallish place, with most of the seating outdoors, alfresco dining style. You queue up to place your order and pay up, then take your seat and wait to be served. So, no, it’s not what you’d call a full-service fine dining restaurant.

From the name of this no-frills restaurant, you can guess that they serve French fare. The menu does sound quite mouth watering, but when it comes to the taste, well, some passed with flying colours while others did not.

Bread rolls were complimentary. They were served nice and hot. I like that. The cold hard butter melts easily into the bread rolls. I just cannot understand why many other restaurants serve you butter that just cannot be spread onto their bread rolls.

We ordered a few things. The Foie Gras salad was really superb. The Foie Gras was really superb. I would recommend trying this.

Our mushroom soup was tasty yet tasteless. Yes, it was an odd taste. It was salty. But it was bland at the same time. There was no mushroom taste. Yes, I can see the mushrooms in there… but somehow it was quite bland.

The Sirloin Steak was disappointing. It was tough, and my medium came out slightly too rare. Considering that they sliced up the steak so that the doneness of the insides can be well seen, I’m surprised they did not attempt to improve the doneness.

The Sea Prawns were “so so”, but the rice and buttery sauce that came with it were pretty good.

The Creme Brulee was tiny, and it wasn’t really great either.

Overall, the prices are generally quite reasonable, although there are some more pricey items. You’ve got to know what to choose to be satisfied with your meal.

La Petite Cuisine
Address: #01-05, 10 Jalan Serene S(258748), Serene Centre
Tel: 6314 3173

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