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Dual Vertical Laptop Stand

What could be better and more space-saving that a vertical laptop stand that holds up one laptop? How about a dual stand that holds up two laptops vertically? This no-brand Dual Vertical Laptop Stand does a great job, and it looks pretty good too.

If you use your laptop docked, laying it flat on the table can be a waste of space, especially if you don’t have a large desk, or just need plenty of working space on your desk. Vertical laptop stands do just that; hold your laptop vertically. But what if you have more than one laptop? Maybe you just want to hold a second laptop on that orientation even if it’s not in use?

Well, instead of getting two vertical laptop stands, you could just get one dual vertical laptop stand. This is simply a design variant that holds two laptops.

The all aluminium build is very sturdy, with a good heft of 690 grams so the stand won’t easily topple. The simple design is elegant, and perhaps reminiscent of Apple’s minimalistic look. The anodised finish is scratch resistant.

The look matches well with Mac laptops, but you can, of course, use it with any other brand of laptops. This one I have is sold in three colours: Silver, Grey, and Black.

The two spaces to hold the laptops have silicon padding on the insides, so your laptops are protected from potential scratches.

The widths of the two spaces are individually adjustable from 14 mm to 42 mm, so it will easily accommodate ultra-thin laptops as well as somewhat larger ones. The widths are adjusted by moving out the sides after loosening the screws on the underside.

There’s also silicon on the underside, so that the stand won’t scratch your table. The silicon also helps prevent the stand from sliding around.

The overall dimensions of this Dual Vertical Laptop Stand is 150 x 120 x 47 mm (L x W x H). Do note that the 120 mm width grows wider when you open up the sides to accommodate larger laptops. Just something to know if you need to fit this stand in a tight space.

I had very specific laptop stand sizing concerns because the Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 I use most often has its exhaust at the hinges, and I wanted to be sure the stand’s design wouldn’t block the exhaust. Some other designs, such as one arc-style that is quite popular, would partially obstruct the hinged area of this laptop. You should definitely consider your laptop’s ventilation design when choosing a laptop stand.

I first set out looking for a laptop stand like this on Amazon, but quickly found that the same ones (or at least lookalikes) were also available on Lazada and Shopee. I eventually picked up the Dual Vertical Laptop Stand from Shopee. (It’s selling at S$23.99 now, but it was under S$20 then.)

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