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D-Link DCS-8630LH Review

D-Link’s brings the smartness and AI of their recent Wi-Fi cameras to an outdoor model with the new DCS-8630LH. This camera is more than just an indoor camera made weatherproofed, but also adds useful features home owners may find useful.

Apart from features like IR illumination and two-way audio which are quite common, the DCS-8630LH also has a bright LED spotlight, audio alarm, and PIR-based motion detection. The DCS-8630LH isn’t just another camera that happens to work outdoors, but one that is perfectly suited for outdoor home security applications.

The DCS-8630LH supports Full HD video with 1080p at 30 fps. It’s ultra-wide angle lens, with 150° field of view, sees more than most cameras. This means that the DCS-8630LH sees more, and with enough details, so that you get useful, good quality, videos that is meaningful for security surveillance needs.

The IR LEDs provide longer coverage, up to 7 metres away, so that the DCS-8630LH can see even in total darkness. An integrated LED spotlight with 400 lumens of brightness can automatically light up when needed, so that the DCS-8630LH can provide colour video capture even during the night.

The passive infrared sensor, which you can see on the lower part of the camera, provides enhanced motion detection. By using infrared heat technology, the DCS-8630LH can accurately pick up motion caused by humans or animals. This supplements the edge-based person detection used to intelligently identify human motion in the video.

The IP65 weather-resistant enclosure is designed for outdoor placement, and it comes with 7 metres of cabling which is used for power. This cable comes in two parts for easy installation: one part of it is fixed to the camera, the other to the power adapter, and the two join together with a locking connector in the centre.

The attached swivel bracket mount works well for both wall/ceiling mounting as well as mounting on a pole.

Under the camera, you’ll find a rubber flap covering the microSD slot. The DCS-8630LH supports microSD cards up to 256 GB in capacity. This is used to store videos. You can also, alternatively, upload videos to the cloud.

The speaker is also located under the camera. With support for two-way audio, you can use the DCS-8630LH as an intercom system. The built-in speaker can trigger a 100 dB beeping alarm (which D-Link refers to as a “siren”) to attract attention. In practice, this alarm may go unnoticed by neighbours. It’s a good thing that notifications are also sent to the mydlink app in your smartphone.

Like other D-Link cameras, the camera setup is performed through the mydlink app which is available for both Andriod and iOS. The process is simple, mostly the same as any recent D-Link cameras such as the DCS-8526LH I reviewed recently. The app allows you to configure motion detection zones, sensitivity, as well as scenes and automation rules to trigger various kinds of action, including D-Link Smart DIY devices using Zigbee via the Smart Home Hub.

The new AI smartness added in recent D-Link cameras enable clever edge-based person detection, so that you can have the DCS-8630LH detect moving people, as opposed to swaying tree branches or other irrelevant motion. There is also glass-break detection which can trigger an action when the sound of breaking glass is detected.

The DCS-8630LH works with Google Assistant and Alexa, responding to voice commands to stream live video to Google Chromecast, Nest Hub, Anazon Fire TV, Echo Show, or Echo Spot. ONVIF Profile S support in the DCS-8630LH enables you to record video streams to a ONVIF compliant NVR, VMS, or NAS system for centralised viewing or continuous recording.

With support for WPA3 Wi-Fi security, the DCS-8630LH is built for the latest and future in wireless encryption.

In the box, the DCS-8630LH comes included with the wall adapter, UK 3-pin and EU 2-pin plug heads, wall-mount screws, cable ties, some documentation, and a sticker to warn unwanted visitors that you have a surveillance system installed.

The D-Link DCS-8630LH outdoor Wi-Fi camera retails at S$149 from Challenger and Hachi.tech. ValueClub members can get the camera at S$145.


The D-Link DCS-8630LH offers the latest in D-Link’s smart and AI camera technology to an outdoor camera that is well-suited for home security applications.


  • Full HD 30 fps video
  • IR illumination up to 7 metres
  • Built-in 400 lumens LED spotlight
  • 2-way audio / 100 dB alarm
  • 150° field of view
  • PIR motion detection, glass-break detection

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