School Opens with Shopping Again

The new school term has begun, and the Bazaars at the National University of Shopping are back again. It seems there are more stalls too. The LT27 foyer as pictured here, for example, hasn’t been so crowded in a while. The stalls still haven’t changed that much.

The best thing about term time is the availability of the internal shuttle bus service ‘D’. It takes me forever to shuttle across campus during the holidays. The ‘D’ service, which is an express service skipping some stops and traveling a slightly shorter route, cuts the travel time by a good half. I shuttle across campus pretty often, so this is a humongous time saver.

Term time also means congestion time. Particularly lunch time crowds at canteens. Well, I guess we can organize lunch to avoid peak congestion, so this isn’t all that bad.

A funny thing about all these NUS bazaars is the Milo truck that comes around, giving away free Milo to anyone. You’ll see crowds of people surrounding the Milo truck to get their hands on free Milo. It’s almost as if the Milo truck was a humanitarian relief sent to quench the thirst of undernourished people from a poor struggling nation.

Yes, I’m one of those who also go get the free Milo…

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  1. ahhh.. ice cold milo….

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